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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kim's Write up of Fox Group Campfire

[Happy sounds of laughter and talking amongst friends were the first sounds I heard as I opened the car door. After all, it was the first week where all the new Assistant Sixers, Sixers and Senior Sixers took charge of the Six/Unit.  We were all heading to Greenridge Secondary School for a campfire to celebrate the Fox's 45th Anniversary.  Too bad the P5s could not attend the campfire as they had gone for the NE show.


Soon, Akela arrived, and everyone quickly assembled into their respective sixes.  The cubs had submitted the consent forms for the Fox's 45th Anniversary earlier into the scout letterbox.  As acting Senior Sixer, it was my duty to help arrange the consent form into the respective Sixes.   It was a little difficult to do the sorting as the forms were jumbled up and some did not write their six.  But I managed to finish sorting it with the help of some AS and cubs.  Many thanks to those who helped!! J


Next, Akela took attendance of the cubs attending the campfire.  As usual, there were always a few cubs that did not submit or had lost their forms.  Akela had to call their parents to inform them of the 'missing' forms.  Then he warned the cubs that this was their final chance.  I hope that they have learnt from their mistakes.


Finally, it has arrived.  It's the moment I have been waiting for with anticipation.  Receiving my Gold Arrow Badge!!! Yay!! I considered it a great achievement for me and I will continue to work hard for my pursuit of the Akela Award.


Before we boarded the bus, we had a toilet break and were allowed to refill our water bottles.


We were all raring to go as we boarded the bus eagerly.  Questions filled our young minds: "Will we learn new songs? What games have been planned for us?"


After we arrived, we were given a lollipop to eat. During the campfire, we sang many scout songs like: Father Abraham, the banana song, etc.  I especially enjoyed the banana song I performed with the scouts from the other schools.  We also enjoyed many fun games.


All to soon, we had to close the campfire and before we knew it, we were all back in Henry Park Primary School. After all, as the saying goes, "Times flies when you are having fun".


Overall, I was really proud of myself.  I did well as a Sixer and had kept my six in control.  But most importantly, we all had fun.  I went back home looking forward to the next campfire and many more to come.  I am sure it will be as fun and great as the one I attended today.


Written by: Kimberly Song

Edited by: Rayson Song]


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