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Sunday, July 11, 2010

Reflections of Kimberly, a newly appointed Sixer

[Here's a blog written by Kimberly Song, (edited by Rayson Song) on the occasion she was appoined a Sixer. She's only in P4, and we don't usually appointSixers at such a young age.]

I could not contain my excitement! I had been waiting in anticipation for this very day. The day where the P6s step down and we, "juniors", become seniors (Sixers). But I just could not get that one question out of my mind. "Will I become a Sixer?"

We started with our usual horseshoe and then lined up in Indian file. I could not wait for the handover ceremony and kept fidgeting about.

Akela called all Akela Award candidates to gather as he gave them their final briefing while the song leaders from the STC led the songs we learnt there including, "It's a long way to Tiperarry" and "Pack up your troubles in a old kit bag". After that, we practiced foot drills, which was really tiring. To make matters worse, the Akela Award candidates walked about in front of us to make us feel bad. Sigh….

After what seemed like aneternity, the foot drill was over. It was finally time for the handover ceremony. I was very nervous. Butterflies were flying in my stomach.

When it was my Six's turn, my name was not announced for the Assistant Sixer position. I was disappointed at that moment. I thought I did not work hard enough. Little would I knew, a surprise was in store for me.

When my name was announced, my heart skipped a beat. I was a Sixer!! I, becoming a Sixer at such a young age (10) meant that Aleka recognized that I had qualities to lead my Six. It was a feeling that could not be described by words.

Then, all the new Sixers stood in a straight line behind their Six. While lining up, I congratulated the other new Sixers on becoming seniors. They in turn congratulated me. They told me I was lucky to become one of the youngest Sixer. To which I replied: "It wasn't luck but the fruits of my labour." But, I still want to thank my friends Selene, Yuvaleena, Lynette, Georgia and Ashley for encouraging me all the way. Best Wishes to you girls to becoming a Sixer next year!

Finally, we did sunset party and all except the Sixers (new and old) headed home. All the Sixers had to stay back for Sixers' Council and we enjoyed the wonderful treats Akela prepared after that.

I am very happy to become a Sixer. Though there are many tough challenges awaiting me in my scouting journey, I'll strive to overcome them and give my best to my Scout Unit.

I'll always remember what S-I-X-E-R means and the ex-scouts too for being great role models for us.

S - Skill

I - Initiative/Instructions

X - eXample

E - Encourage

R - Responsibility

Henry Park Pelican Scouts Rocks!!!

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