Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Community Service - TFG2000, 6th September 2014

Written by: Claudia Kong, Senior Sixer & Scribe

Today is the special day!  The Henry Park Pelican Scout group is going out for our big adventure! We are going to the Sengkang Sport and Recreation Centre for our community service work for TFG2000.

By 7.30am, the area in front of our "koi" pond was crowded with many chattering cub scouts. ” Beep!... Beep!....” the senior sixers' whistle signalled everyone to gather. After doing all of the administrative, we boarded the bus to our destination.

Upon arrival we saw a lot of people and best of all… GAMES!!! We had a few rehearsals for the pledge. Our first task was to welcome the Guest of Honor, Dr. Lam Pin Min. After his speech, we did some warming-up exercises together with the VIPs.

Our second task was the best and personally my favourite, we were asked to go around with some badges and whenever we see someone, we go out to them and share the TFG2000 message… This is how it goes…
"Hi! I am Claudia, Cub Scout of the Henry Park Scout group. I am the millennium generation who would be pledging to keep our generation to stay away from smoking even when we are after 18 years old. Here’s a little token for you! Please come and join us at the courtyard as we pledge to keep our generation away from smoking. Thank you!"

It was fun and enjoyable. We also got to flag off the 5km riders! How I wished I was one of them! Next, Raksha selected a few of the cub scouts to give out the pocarri sweat to the returning 100km riders. While the rest of us set up a little “cheer leading” team to cheer and welcome back the riders. "GO!! YOU CAN DO IT! WELL DONE!! YOU DID IT!!!" Was heard as the riders rode past us.

Oh yes! Most importantly, we took a pledge to uphold our role as ambassadors to create a tobacco-free generations, now and forever. We were told by Dr Koong that we are the youngest and first uniform group in the world to pledge to stay away from smoking. 

We took a group photo (one official and another selfie!) before we boarded the bus back to school and the day ended off well... we were all given a "sweet" treat - a bottle of pocarri sweat each! 

Guest of Honour, Dr Lam Pin Min

Mass Exercise...

Cubs joining in the exercise... 

Hello... Dr Lam...
We the millennium generation...

We pledge to be a tobacco free generation...

Come join us as we pledge...

Well done!! You did it!!

Scout! Sediya....

Senior Sixer leading the pledge... See video below....


One for the album! 
Here's one with everybody... can you spot us?

Ride for TFG2000

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Outdoor Cooking, 30th August 2014

Written by: Cheong Yew Meng, Assistant Sixer & Scribe

“Beep….beep! HORSESHOE!” The Senior Sixers blew their whistles. I immediately gathered together with my Sixer .Doing my job as a new Assistant Sixer, I helped the others get in line. After horseshoe, we gathered in indian file. Baloo scolded the scouts that came late and the scouts that were missing parts of their uniform. I hoped the scouts have learnt their lessons and not repeat the same mistakes again.

For this week, we have a fun and interesting activity – Outdoor Cooking. All of us are going to be transformed into mini-chefs and cooks! We started cooking at 10 am. The most challenging part of Outdoor Cooking was to start a fire using only twigs and matchsticks. With the assistance of the Leaders and the learning from the recent Sixer Training Camp, we managed to start the fire. I was in charge of cutting the fruits and vegetables. After finishing cutting, we brought the food to cook! We cooked egg with crabmeat, fishcake with bean sprouts and chicken wings! We went to the canteen to eat our self-prepared delicious cuisine!

Time really flies every time when we have fun. Very soon, it was time for dismissal. We got into our horseshoe and did sunset party. And we went home feeling happy and satisfied.

Only 3 matchsticks?? How to start the fire??

Help please??

Hmmm.. let me try!

Master Chef in the making 

Look at our yummy meal!

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Green Corridor Hike, 23rd August 2014

Written by Jessica Koong, Assistant Sixer & Scribe

Everyone assembled at the foyer at 7am sharp. It was our 2nd hike of the year. We were all very thrilled!

Claudia and Daniel called for Indian File and took attendance. Everybody was present, save some who were either sick or busy. Chil briefed us on the safety precautions as the path would be very muddy. Also, he roughly explained the route to us - from Bukit Merah to Greenleaf and then back to school. Before we knew it, we filled two big buses and set off to the starting point of our little adventure!

Upon reaching our destination, we lined up in a single file according to our sixes, from Bilby to Wombat 2. Along the way, we would change positions, so that each six had a chance to lead.

At the starting point at Bukit Merah, we were greeted “warmly” by an extremely muddy path. Many of us were horrified. How were we going to get through? Nevertheless, we believed in ourselves and braced ourselves for the worst.

Every step I took, I could feel the mud below me sinking slowly, just like quicksand but a little slower. My foot got stuck in the gooey mud several times and it was really fun trying to get my foot out! Unfortunately, some of the boys fell into the mud. Eeewwee! I felt sorry for them. Imagine the mud all over you! The adult leaders helped the “victims of the mud” clean up by giving them wet tissue wipes.

There were even tadpoles in some of the puddles! I wonder how they can survive in there! After about 4 kilometers, we reached our resting point where we could consume the snacks or food we brought. We rested for about 20 minutes before continuing our trail.

After our break, we met a dog named Butch. It had a beautiful white coat. It was with its owner and they were taking the same path as us! What a coincidence! We also passed through a dark tunnel where there were many rocks and pebbles. It was really hard to walk and maintain our balance. It was really slippery! Some of us whipped out our torches and used the light to guide us through. We stayed together, not wanting anyone to slip.

The rest of the hike was not as muddy as the first half. We then had a second break and ate up the rest of our food! We were famished and gobbled down the food like we had not eaten for the past day. We were only 10 minutes away from school, so we persevered although our legs were aching. While crossing the main road, Chil warned us to be careful and to walk briskly as the whole pack might not get across the road at one go.

During the final stretch, we sprinted all the way back, relieved to reach school safe and sound. When Chil announced that we had walked or as you may call it, hiked, 10.88 kilometers, we were taken aback! All the adults gave resounding applause! I could tell everyone, adults and cub scouts, was proud as it had been our longest hike ever! Well done, everyone!

The start of the L...O...N...G... hike!!!!

It's so muddy!!!

Girls power!!

Are we there yet??

Just a little bit more down the path..

Finally! Resting our feet and eating our food!

Chilling out!! Phew! No mokey here!!

The adults volunteers... We did it too!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2014

Footdrill, First Aid & Fun games, 16 August 2014

Written by: Kwey Xiu Xi, Sixer & Scribe

As the title, location and date tells you, this paragraph is about the Cub Scout Meeting on the 16th of August. Anyway, I came to scouts early to hand up some bits of my Silver Arrow, and I saw 4 big scouts. Later, I found out that they were some Scouts who would be teaching us for the next three/four weeks. I was pretty excited, until I found out that the first programme on the list was foot drills. I do my best at them, but still do not really “enjoy” them.

Well, foot drills weren’t bad. We learnt this new interesting exercise called the Parade Party or something. We just stood still. We managed to get up to 3 minutes and 30 seconds. Next, we had first aid. We were taught how to tie the normal arm sling, the elevated arm sling, how to bandage a hand with an object stuck in it, and a head bandage. The arm slings were easy to tie with our scarfs and I soon got the hang of it.

Lastly, we had games. We played Captain’s Ball, where you had to try to throw the ball to your representative at the other end of the court. We were split into groups of eleven. My team was awesome! On the whole, we did very well. 

On a whole, you can see that the games were the most heated and most exciting. But, I also learnt new things, especially the triangular bandage tying. It is hiking next week,and outdoor cooking the week after. Scouts is just so exciting!

Brother Scouts from Hwa Chong...



Listening attentively to the first aid lesson!

Time to practice :p

Saturday, August 2, 2014

National Day Dinner @ Ulu Pandan CC, 2nd August 2014

Henry Park Pelican Scout unit is honoured to be invited to be the guard-of-honour to welcome the Minister, Mr Christopher de Souza to the National Day Dinner held at Ulu Pandan Community Club on 2nd August 2014.

At 6pm, 22 Sixers and Assistant Sixers gathered outside the school library in their smart full scout uniform ready for the evening!

Upon arrival at the CC, the person-in-charge gave a short run through of what the cubs is required to do. Apart from having 16 cubs to form 2 rows along the red carpet to salute and welcome the minister, the organiser also needed 3 cubs to "escort" the guest of honour down the red carpet, 3 cubs to take care of the National Flag during the National Anthem and 1 cub to lead everyone in our pledge.

It was an evening to remember asour  cubs did their best to do our school and unit proud. Mr. Chia, our principal personally came by to support and thank the cubs for gracing the ocassion.

22 cubs all smart & ready for the evening

3 cubs to welcome guest of honour...

A picture with Mr Christopher de Souza..

Our "flag bearer"

Cubs at the red carpet... All set!!

The guest of honour...

National Anthem...

Mr Chia thanking the cubs!