Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Saturday, April 14, 2018

Cathalic High Campfire, 14th April 2018

Written by Cheong Yew Chung, Asst Sixer & Scribe

It was just 5.49p.m. we had just arrived after a meeting and a few hours.                                                                                                                           

The campfire was going to be amazing as it was my first time attending a catholic high campfire. I was so excited I could not stop moving. It felt like the night wind was blowing in all directions and learnt many new songs like 朋友. It felt like we were all brothers listening and dancing to the very catchy music. The floor was full of laughter, chants and songs. Surprisingly the songs are still stuck in my head. I felt the songs are filled with values like how friends should stay united and close having each other’s backs even if it’s a loss.     

So in conclusion, the camp fire was mesmerizing. I did not want to go home but I had to. Through this I hope you will learn that you can learn values in different forms, be it song, speech, video or book.

Knots & Lashings + Amazing Trail Registration, 14th April 2018

Written by Cheong Yew Chung, Asst Sixer & Scribe

The day, went smoothly until I came to school. I had then remembered that the current time was 7a.m. and I was 2h ours early!                  

Upon knowing I asked my father why he had woken me up and brought me to school earlier. He then reminded me today was the day me and the other Akela candidates took our first aid test. We were told that we needed to pass and get the First Aid badge and or else we could not take the Akela badge this year. The fear of failing the test already got me scared.

After we took the first part of the test, we started seeing some of the other scouts coming, and in no time at all they came and Trishia, the Senior Sixer, got tested first as she needed to lead the scouts in the colour party. While we were still taking our test while looking through the end of the door that they were most likely dancing to music and we guessed it was waka waka a famous song. By the time we were done we joined and started doing knotting and lashing with the other scouts. It was incredibly confusing as many who knew forgot lashing like me.                                                                                              

So in result we ended that activity after very long. Next, we ran out of time and went for the 13th great Amazing Trail briefing cum registration. As far as I know the amazing trail is a great family bonding activity that we had hosted for the past few years. I have been in the amazing trail when I was just 5 years old (joining my elder brother who was in the Cub then). Okay back to the story, the morning ended well and I bet all the recruits could not wait for their first Amazing Trail ever and they are going to love it and that’s something I promise.

Saturday, April 7, 2018

Adiji Chief Scout Carnival, 7th April 2018

Written by Syred Hafiz, Asst Senior Sixer & Scribe

It was finally happening again. Inviting our new President, Mdm Halimah Yacob as our new Chief Scout. This ceremony is called the Adiji 2018 Chief Scout Celebration. It happens when Singapore has a new president and that president will be the new Singapore Chief Scout.

At the celebration, the Henry Park Pelican Scouts and other scout groups practiced a drill to welcome the President. That took us about one and a half to two hours to do. It was an extremely hot day while we were doing the drill. After the drills, we headed to the canteen to eat. There were so many selections of delicious food such as fried chicken, seaweed chicken, nuggets, ice cream, burgers, drinks and snacks. And the best thing was they were all cheap. I stuffed myself as I had not eaten lunch.

Then, we were told to quickly go up on stage and to what we practiced. All of  a sudden, the President was entering the hall. Everyone was extremely excited but had to keep the volume down. When she entered, the scouts who were not on stage ran towards her and took selfies and asked for signatures. So we did the drills and we had fun. When we went down, we acted exactly like what the students just now were doing. Getting selfies and asking for signatures. Some were extremely happy when they shook her hand.

Then, we played some games and headed back to school. That is definitely a memory I will never forget for a long long time.

Saturday, March 24, 2018

Exchange Program with Japanese Scouts, 24th March 2018 (Campfire @Sarimbun)

Written by Joanne Koong, Sixer & Scribe Leader

We headed for the campfire site with lots of excitement.  The campfire circle was abuzz with chatter and laughter as the Japanese scouts, scouts from Ahmad Ibrahim and Edgefield Secondary School and the Black Knights were already there. When we were seated, we were given glow sticks which we cracked with much gusto. We soon realised that we were surrounded by tall trees and darkness. There was only a lamp at the campfire circle but it went off intermittently.

Before long, the campfire started. It was declared open by Mr Matsuda, the adult leader of the Japanese scouts. We started with “Campfires’s burning” followed by various performances by the different groups - dances, songs and cheers.  When it was our turn, we took up our positions enthusiastically and could not wait to show our friends the dance we had practised in the afternoon. We danced to two K-Pop songs: “As if your last” and “Likey”. We got to perform our dance a second time, after inviting our Japanese friends to join us. During the performance, we could not hear the music, but all in all, it was still fun.

One of the cheers we did was rather funny. We had to shout louder and louder in order to make an imaginary curry puff bigger to fulfil the emcee’s hunger. After the cheer, we did the thousand-legged worm. Edgefield Secondary School scouts put up a skit based on Pókemon. I thought that their skit was quite entertaining.

The highlight of the campfire was the Japanese scouts’ skit. The skit was based on a Japanese folklore called Momotarō which means Peach Boy. Momotarō sets off to fight a demon on a faraway island. On the way, he met a dog, a monkey and a bird who agreed to help him. Together they defeated the demon. The scouts wore a picture of the animal on their foreheads to show which animal each person represented. Our Japanese friends had made an effort to translate Japanese into English so that we could understand the skit. I feel that it was very gracious of them.

The campfire soon came to an end.  Instead of the usual scout hymn, we were taught something different. We were instructed to go near the fire and stretch out our right hand with the scout sign. Then, when given the cue by Mr Wee Jin, everyone said “woosh” as we lowered our right arms to declare the campfire closed.

Although we were exhausted after spending the whole day and night at the Sarimbun campsite, we were thankful for the unique and invaluable experience – Backwoodsman cooking, lunch, gift exchange and campfire with the visiting Japanese cubs and scouts. I had met a few of them during the Camporee in Japan last December. I was delighted to see them again! I am sure all of us had enjoyed ourselves thoroughly. What a memorable event! 

Exchange Program with Japanese Scouts, 24th March 2018 (Day)

Written by Trisha Chan, Senior Sixer & Scribe

Today was the day of the exchange program with the Japanese scouts that we met during our trip to Japan the year before. After reporting to Raksha and handing up our Job Week cards. We waited for some cubs and were off. This time, Shafiq, our former Senior-sixer , Kylie and Jasper joined us for this activity. On the bus, we were as noisy as magpies and talking as fast as we could. We were just too excited for what was about to come.

Soon, we were on the road leading to Sarimbum Camp. The road was actually a gravel path and every time a car drove on the road, we saw huge clouds of dust rise up. In a blink of an eye, we were facing the Japanese scouts and introducing ourselves to them. We were split into four groups. I was in group four with Min Rei, Joanne, two boy Japanese scouts and one girl Japanese scout.

Soon after, we were doing Backwoodsmen cooking. We changed to half u. and took off our scarves. There were six AI’s and one Facil assigned to my group. We immediately set to work gathering dry twigs and leaves for our fire. After we were done, we dug a deep hole in the shape of a rough square with a chunkol. After a few tries, we managed to get a merry fire going. We had a lot of fun feeding it the twigs and sticks and poking the fire with big sticks. We were given two seasoned chicken wings and drumsticks along with six packets of chicken flavoured Maggie, three potatoes and half a mess tin of rice. We tried to boil the potatoes in a mess tin full of water. Only two AIs were actually keeping the fire, while one held the chicken. As for the other three AIs? They were ‘collecting twigs and leaves’ and happily throwing the rice into the fire. However, after they found out that the food was their lunch, they started to panic.

Finally!  It was lunch time! We had chicken rice with pickled vegetables and cucumbers. After lunch, the Japanese scouts went off to do rock climbing while we went to do the obstacle course. Alas! We could not do the obstacle course as we were supposed to wear long pants to do it. So, we had free time and played card games instead. However, we were also required to prepare an item for the campfire so we also did that. After much arguing, we decided to do a dance and we danced to ‘Likey’ by Twice and ‘As If It Were Your Last’ by Blackpink. We practised and practised, finally satisfied with our result.

All too soon, it was time for diner. We had a buffet with lemon barley for drinks and éclairs and cream puffs for dessert. After dinner, we exchanged souvenirs and gifts. Then it was time for the campfire. After the campfire, we went back home comparing and trading souvenirs. This experience was very valuable to me and I am unable to describe it in words. I can’t describe how hilarious it was to see group one roasting leaves on a stick over their fire, or how group three’s fire went out of control and the Japanese scouts skit. You have to BE there to experience it. This, is a day that I will never forget.

Footdrill & Progress Badges, 24th March 2018

Written by Cheong Yee Xin & Cheong Yee Hui

It was a sunny day. Everybody was Kid Zone 1.

Baloo talked about how to wear the caps and wear the scarves properly. Then we helped the newer scouts on how to fold their scarves properly.

Next, the Leaders collected back the Job Week Cards and money. After the collection, we spilt into 3 groups to coach the Cubs on their respective Progress Badges – Bronze, Silver and Gold.

Then the last activity for the day was “brushing up” on our footdrill. After footdrill, it was time to go home. But before that, Raksha gave out the consent forms for 7 April 2018 “Adiji Carnival”. Raksha explained that this is an important event to welcome our new Chief Scout, President Halimah Yacob. All of us are expected to attend this event.

All of us are excited and looking forward to the coming event.

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Job Week 2018, 10th to 16th March 2018

Written by Cheong Yew Chung, Asst Sixer & Scribe

“Beep! Beep!!!” The Senior Sixers signaled for the Indian file formation and we sat down. That day was not like any other meeting. We assembled at 8am. Today is the start of the week-long Job Week. We are gathered at the school for a final briefing before we set off to the various locations to begin our Job Week 2018. We will be going door to door for simple jobs to earn money for our unit.

Mr Cheong told us how much we needed to earn for our bumble bee badges and for the respective specially made woggles. Mr Tan told us what jobs that we can do  and we wrote down in our Job Week card. Lastly, he warned us not to get disappointed if someone refused to give us job.

It was heartening to see so many parents in the Kids' Zone, ready to send their kids to the starting locations once the briefing ended. All the cubs looked as though they couldn't wait to start Job Week.

This year will also be a good experience for me as I had to take care of two new scouts.

At 8.45 am, we were all dismissed. Everyone excited to land their first job. Wish all Henry Park Pelican Scouts have a fruitful and exciting Job Week.

NB: Photos will be downloaded later. Watch out for them.

Saturday, March 3, 2018

Investiture 2018, 3rd March 2018

Written by  Bryab Low, Assistant Sixer & Scribe

I woke up early and was in school at 8.10 a.m. because some of the Akela candidates had to be in school early to learn more about how to get the Akela award.

After that, we went back to the kidzone at 9.00a.m., and then started with the usual horseshoe. We then we started getting ready for the investiture and we learned about the various moves we needed to do for the investiture. It was very fun to be doing the moves all over again and I remembered my first year and my investiture and I was sure that the new recruits were very proud.

Once the recruits were all familiarised with the various moves, we started the investiture.

There were many of the new recruits’ parents taking photos of their child/children. They were also very certainly proud of their child/children for being a scout.

When Trisha, the senior Sixer, asked the Sixers to present their recruits, the Sixer would answer, “yes, senior Sixer!” Then, the Sixer would bring his or her assistant Sixer and recruits to the front and then the recruits would say the scout promise and commit to being a scout.

All of the Sixes went to the front to present their recruits before all of us went back into Indian file and many sounds of relief were heard as some people were tired from the standing.

After the investiture, we were quite early and so the scout leaders decided to conduct the Job week briefing early.

We all walked to the teaching lab and sat down in our respective Sixes. The parents and the recruits were then taught about the various parts of job week. Why we do it, when we do it etc.

We were then dismissed and we went either to the bus bay to be picked up by our parents or to walk home directly. We had a fun time watching the recruits show their parents their scarfs and black books. We then went home happily looking forward to the actual job week.

Saturday, February 24, 2018

North Area World Scout Field Day, 24th February 2018

Written by Joanne Koong, Sixer & Scribe Leader

Today, we participated in the North Zone World Scout Day Carnival at Xishan Primary School. When we reached the school, we sat down in the hall, together with scouts from many other schools. After a safety briefing, we were ready to start. We were in high spirits, looking forward to playing different games. Each school had to set up a game booth. Our unit's game was called the Spin-the-Wheel. The wheel was spun and when it stopped at a certain number on the wheel, the scout had to perform the task assigned to that number. All the questions were related to scouting. I wondered which school would have the most interesting game...

We first went to the Indoor Sports Hall. The first game we played was trying to throw the aeroplane that we had made into a cardboard box. The second game my six played was "Bowl the Bottles". We had to knock down bottles which were either half-filled with water or empty. The fewer tries we made, the more stamps we earned. Stamps could be exchanged for prizes.

Time flew by and it was soon 10.30am. We proceeded to the canteen and had our break. When we entered the canteen, the aroma of cotton candy and popcorn filled the air. They smelt so good! Unfortunately, we soon realised that we had to pay $2 for a small packet of popcorn and $3 for the cotton candy. Firstly, I thought that the popcorn was overpriced and secondly none of us had brought money. :(

Next, we went to the basketball court where there were many more game booths. The most fun game that I played was "Bounce the Ping Pong Ball". We had to bounce a ping pong ball on the table and try to make it bounce into a cup. It was tough!

Soon, it was 11. It was my turn to man our game booth. Our unit's game was called Spin-the-Wheel. The big wheel was like a pizza, divided into many wedges. Each wedge had a number on it. The wheel was spun and when it stopped at a certain number on the wheel, the scout had to answer the question assigned to that number. All the questions were related to scouting such as what the three fingers in the Scout Salute represent. Scouts who answered the question correctly were given a token each. I thought that our game was a very good idea as it allowed us to recall our knowledge on scouting and understand more about scouting.

Before I knew it, I found myself sitting in the hall, listening to the announcements of prize winners. Our unit's game won a silver award which was definitely a pleasant surprise for all of us! Not only did we have a lot of fun and laughter, we had a trophy to bring home!

This was my first time participating in a scout carnival. It was really fun and educational. I think we should attend such carnivals more often as they allow us to make friends and interact with scouts from other units. Sharing experiences with other people makes the event more memorable. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Community Service - Visit AWWA Community Home For Senior Citizens, 10th February 2018

Written by Syed Hafiz, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

There was no whistle blowing or horseshoe as we were going out. We gathered at the bus bay in our sixes. Trisha and I read out the names of the cubs who handed out the forms. Then, we did a headcount before boarding the bus. There were two separate busses as there were too many cubs. Once we got of the bus, we walked to the old folks’ home. We were at AWWA Community Home for Senior Citizens, which provide the basic necessities of life and accommodation for low income seniors without family support. There were 70-80 residents which are over 60 years old and homeless. This visit was part of our community service.

We were there to brighten their day. When we walked into a room, they were waiting patiently in their chairs. The first activity we did was walking to each and every one of them and wishing them a happy Chinese New Year. After that, we danced to a very famous and old song, YMCA. They all seemed to know how to sing and dance to the song. After the dance, we taught the elders how to fold red packets into lanterns. The woman whom I was making the lantern with, was very happy with the lantern we made. We sang Chinese New Year songs and ended the visit by giving 2 oranges to each elderly. We left the home happy that we have done a good deed.

Saturday, February 3, 2018

Hike In Lower/ Upper Pierce Reservoirs 3rd February 2018

Written by Trisha Chan, Senior Sixer & Scribe

After we did a head count, we set out for the first hike of the year at Lower/Upper Pierce Reservoir. We got into a bus that drove us to Lower Pierce to start off. We trekked through Lower Pierce in a flash, without even breaking a sweat. Along the way, we saw trees, fishes, and early morning joggers.

Soon, we were done with Lower Pierce and began the trek to start on Upper Pierce. It was an exhausting and energy-sapping trek. Along the way, we were greeted by several steep hills that got everybody groaning and moaning. However, when we walked closer, we realized that it was just an optical illusion. Instead of a steep hill, they were gradual ascending slopes!

Finally, we reached Upper Pierce Reservoir! The water was a crystalline blue and it was crystal clear. After we had our snacks and played some games, we boarded the bus, arrived back in Henry Park and were promptly dismissed.

Saturday, January 27, 2018

Lantern Making, 27th January 2018

Written by: Cheong Yew Chung, Asst Sixer & Scribe

It all started when I came to school, I knew this week it was my Six’s turn to set up the flag pole but surprisingly me and my sisters were the first to come.

So after a while we got the flag pole set up and did our colour party and got our meeting started. And just by seeing what we brought it was obvious what we were doing. So six by six and recruits we all went up to the pal room. As guessed we were making Chinese New Year lanterns. All of us were so excited, especially the recruits.                                                                                                                  
It took us a lot of time just to complete a lantern and some could not finish in time. After that, we sang some Chinese New Year songs. Then “Baloo”, one of our many adult leaders, told us that the week after the next, we would teach the elderly how to make lanterns and sing for them.          

After everything, we went down and did sunset party and went home. The Sixers, Assistant Sixers and Senior Sixers had to stay as there still was Sixers' council.                                                                                                                                              
I felt the fun of making beautiful Chinese New Year lanterns and singing Chinese New Year songs was just too much to explain. Hope the elderly like what we are doing for them the week after the next.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Recruit Camp 20th to 21st January 2018

Written by: Bryan Low, Asst Sixer & Scribe

Day 1

I came to school today with an extra-large bag packed with many things as I was going to be taking part in the Recruits Induction Camp because I was an assistant sixer.

I walked to the Kidzone very excited as I knew this was going to be a very fun 2 day 1 night camp with the students who were interested to be a scout.

When I reached the Kidzone, I saw that many of friends were already there. Mrs. Kong and Raksha helped to group us into four different groups with animal names; Ants, Bees, Crabs and Ducks.

After we were grouped, there was a duty sixer and an assistant sixer in each group, except Ants, they had two assistant sixers. We were told to lead our groups to go and find a good spot in the Kidzone to sit down. Then, we were to introduce ourselves and know each other. It was a very fun experience, getting to know the people in my group, some were talkative, while others were shy and quiet.

Then, we played a game where we had to sit in a circle, then call out a person’s name whenever our name was called by someone else. There would also be two catchers, which would have to go around and find the person whose name was called out, and then gently tap him or her on the shoulder. Then, the catcher would sit down, while the person caught would have to be the new catcher.

We had a lot of fun, as the catchers ran around looking for the person whose name was called out while the person struggled to remember someone else’s name.

Then came the cooking! We brought our groups to the drain area, then we started cooking our noodles with the supervision of the service scouts. When we finished cooking, we brought our food to the canteen, taught our group members how to sing the tick tock song, then we began eating. Once finished, we washed our mess tins and cutleries.

Then, we went back to the Kidzone where Baloo taught us several facts about Lord Baden Powell like his full name, date of birth etc. Once we learned some facts, we were tested to see whether we were listening to the lesson.

We were then taught some songs to sing for the campfire, then we went to have a good dinner.

Next, we went for our campfire! We first sat down in our groups, then we waited for the other uniform groups to come. In the end, the Brownies and Girls Brigades came and took their respective positions. Then, we started our campfire.

We first started by singing some songs known to us but just known to the recruits. We then played some games including the common limbo. It was all very fun and exciting. Even the principal, Mr.Koh, was at the campfire watching us. We also played bomb, which was very fun to us and the other uniformed groups.

After the campfire, we went to the canteen to have some refreshments, and give some time to the recruits to talk with their parents again. Refreshments were very nice.

We then gathered in the Kidzone with our groups, and Chil told us that we were going to play some water games!!! But, we first had to take all the benches from the Kidzone and bring them back to the canteen. Once we were done, we took our bathing materials and changed into our slippers, then we went to the Lower Indoor Sports Hall to play our water games.

There were 5 candles lit on both sides of the basketball court, then 2 teams had to battle and whichever team manages to use their water balloons to put out all of them first wins.

We played it in tournament style. Ant battled Bees, Crab battled Ducks. The winners battle for 1st while the losers battle for 3rd. Bees beat Ants, Ducks beat Crabs and Ducks beat Bees. At the end, the Bees and Ducks battled against the service scouts, it was so fun!

We next gathered our things and went to bathe next. After bathing, we laid out our sleeping bags in the Kidzone and had a good night’s rest.

Day 2
We woke up today at 6.15 am and then went to brush our teeth and change out of our sleeping attire.

We then went to the Lower Indoor Sports Hall to start off the day with some exercise. It was very tiring but also very fun.

We then went to the canteen to eat our breakfast, it was delicious! We then brought our group to the Kidzone to teach our recruits about the scout law and promise.

We then played some games organized by the Akela Award candidate which was very fun.

After that, we had a debrief and then Mr. Cheong did his “Pasar Malam” and the owners went to collect their things. We then took a photo, then went home, cherishing the moments with our new recruits.

Saturday, January 20, 2018

Annual Campfire, 20th January 2018

Written by: Joanne Koong, Sixer & Scribe Leader

“Campfire’s burning, campfire’s burning.

  Draw nearer, draw nearer…”

This marked the commencement of our Annual Campfire. This year’s event was special in more ways than one. Firstly, we had our new principal, Mr Martin Koh, as the guest-of-honour. Secondly, our friends from Girls Brigade and Brownies joined us! Welcome!

The downpour in the late afternoon threatened to spoil our fun but our adult leaders out-smarted the bad weather. We had an environmentally friendly campfire – the “fire” was a light bulb placed inside neatly stacked firewood!

The sixers, including me, led the songs which the whole pack sang at the top of their voices. The Bee song was clearly the favourite. After every few songs, we did action songs such as Peace by the River, My Bonnie, Father Abraham and YMCA. Everyone did the actions enthusiastically, including the parents and the principal!

Soon, it was time for the sixers’ skit – the Left Hand Shake. The main focus was to show why we scouts shake with our left hand but not the right hand. The sixers were split into two tribes. When one tribe had trespassed the other tribe’s island, fighting ensued. Most of the tribesmen were seriously injured or tragically killed. Finally, one chief (Hafiz) realised that the war was not meaningful and decided to make peace. He dropped his shield and offered his left hand, the hand closer to his heart, to shake hands with the other chief (me). Seeing that he was sincere, I accepted his handshake and so the left hand shake was born. We had a lot of fun and laughter preparing the skit in the afternoon and the real thing was even more fun. Or, hilarious, should I say!

We sang a couple more songs after which the Girls’ Brigade performed their cheer followed by the Brownies performed their cheer as well. Interestingly, the Brownies ended their cheer with a dab. After that, we played the Bomb game. I had played this game before but in smaller groups. I found it more fun playing in a huge group. The funniest part was when we bombed Baloo, and he had to do the chicken dance. We then had the Limbo Rock. Unfortunately, as there were too many people playing there was no winner.

Before long, the campfire came to an end. This campfire had been the most fun campfire I had ever been to in my four years of scouting life. It will always be a sweet memory etched in my mind.

Saturday, January 13, 2018

First Scout Meeting For Recruits, 13th January 2018

Written by Syed Hafiz, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

“Beep, beep beep, beep beep!” The whistle that me and Trisha blew signaled horseshoe. When I saw people in school uniform, I was confused. I saw a lot of them. One of the adult leaders told me that they were our new recruits. I was surprised as I saw many of them. Usually, there would be around twenty plus people. But on that day, I saw about thirty plus.

They were all very playful. While they were playing games and getting to know eachothers names, we scouts were working on arrows. Mr. Cheong told us by what date we must complete our arrows and progress badges.

Aftter all the working, we joined all tof the recruits and played something new to them. Scissors paper stone virus. It is basically if you win someone in scissors paper stone, you must go to the back of the person. The person with the longest line by the time the adult leader says stop wins.

Mdm. Kerina taught us how to play a four action game. When she says lighthouse, we would go into pairs and one person would have to go around the other. When she says boat, we have to be in triplets and act like we were rowing a boat. When she says capsize, we must get into quadruplets, hold our hands and squat. The last few remaining wins.

I had a lot of fun playing. And the meeting ended with horseshoe and sixers council.

Saturday, January 6, 2018

2018 1st Scout Meeting, 6th January 2018

Written by Trisha Chan, Senior Sixer & Scribe

Today was the very first meeting of the year. However, it was different, as it was only for Sixers and Assistant Sixers.

After Bilby did Colour Party, Mr Cheong went though topics such as: How To Be A Better Leader, How To Motivate Our Six Better e.t.c. Each six also learnt how to prepare the Scout Flag and the flagpole.

Soon after, we did Sunset Party, Sixers Council, and went back home…

Saturday, September 30, 2017

First Aid Activity & Progress Badges, 30th September 2017

Written by: Cheong Yew Chung, Assistant Sixer & Scribe

“Beep, beep” the Senior Sixers blew their whistles. We went to horseshoe formation and did
colour party. After colour party we played a game called “helium straw”. 

From the facial expression and laughter of everyone, we could see that everyone had a great time. It was also fun watching how each other try their ways and means to balance the straws.       
After the game of straw, we did some First Aid. Mr Cheong taught us how to use the scarf as a triangular bandage. We learnt to tie the head, arm and knee bandage. In the process, we had lots of fun. We ended the lesson with a First Aid Activity Game. Every Six needs to volunteer a victim and ties on him the bandages we have learnt earlier. For some Six, the “injured person” looks like a Mummy with all the bandages on him. Everyone learned new skills. The entire troop had fun doing the First Aid that can help them in future.              
For the remaining part of the activity, we worked on our Progress Badges. The unit was divided into 2 groups. One group without the Bronze Arrow and the other group had at least a Bronze Arrow. For the advanced group, Mr Cheong went through on what we could do for the Silver Arrow and things that  we already done and can sign our test off.                                      
After many minutes it was time to go home we did Sunset party and went home happily.             



Friday, September 29, 2017

VIA @ HPPS Mid-Autumn Festival, 29th September 2017

The Pelican Scouts were approached this year to provide help to the Mid-Autumn Festival held in Henry Park on 29 September 2017. A total of 15 cub scouts (P4 & P5) stepped up and agreed to serve the school. Their duties include ushering guests, manning various games booths and helping out at the stage area. 

The teachers and guests were impressed with our scouts. They showed responsibility and resilience. They hardly took any breaks and some forgo their ice-cream and popcorn coupons. In fact, they also acted as our school’s ambassadors, giving directions and offering help whenever possible to the participants and guests, beyond their call of duty, truly adhering to the Scout’s Law. We are proud of them.

Saturday, September 23, 2017

Castles Building, 23rd September 2017

Written by: Syed Hafiz, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

“Beep Beep Beep Beep Beep” I blew my whistle to attract all the cubs for horseshoe. After horseshoe we gathered in Indian file and straightened our lines. Then, we sat down and gave our attention to Mdm. Karina. She was giving out badges. She told us what we were going to do.  When I heard what we were going to do, I was super excited. We were going to build castles for king or queen. I joined platypus to help them out.

We were given straws, two rows of masking tape and scissors. We also could use anything we could find around us and in our bags. We were given 1hour and thirty minutes to make our castle. We quickly rushed to a random spot and started. We did the walls  first by taping 26 straws together.  We had to make four of those. I cut a hole out of  one of the walls to make a doorway. We made the door out of straws. Then, we made the roof out of straws and aluminum foil.

After all of that, we compared each others castles and judge whose was the best. All of the sixes did a great job and the six with the most points were bilby and wombat. We ended the meeting with horseshoe and sixers council.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Fun Camp Preparation - A note from Baloo to all parents...

Dear parents,

For the campfire to be held during the Fun Camp from 10th to 13th Nov, the Cubs have chosen to sing the following songs.

Indian alphabet
Coconut song
Let it go
See u again
Raining tacos
Life is a journey
I'm the one
Drag me down
There's nothing holding me back

Baloo has chosen the following 2 songs by Three Dog Night as well:

Black & White
Joy to the World

These 2 songs carry important messages for our children.

Appreciate if you would have your child/children learn the songs for a rousing campfire.

Thank you.

Games & Singing Fun, 16th Sept 2017

Written by: Bryan Low, Assistant Sixer & Scribe

Today, after assembling in school at 9.00 p.m., we started with our normal horseshoe. After the horseshoe, we lined up in our Indian file. When we had sat down, Baloo told us that today, we would be going to different classrooms on level 1 to do something

We were put into 3 groups to go to our separate classrooms. The grouping was pretty much like a headcount, except we restarted once we reached 3.

After we got our groups, we were assigned teachers to take us to our classrooms and help us with the activity. So, went to our separate classes. Once we were in the classroom, our teacher, Mdm Kerina, took out a set of cards. What could we possibly be doing with those cards? I wondered. My question was soon answered by Mdm Kerina. “With this set of cards, you will have to pick one to explain yourself, then later, scouting.” She said.

After she explained what we were to do, we lined up in three rows and started picking card to explain ourselves. If was quite fun, learning all these new things about my friends and also other fellow scouts. After explaining about ourselves, we started explaining about scouting. Hearing other people’s different views about Scouting, I prepared my view and started explaining to the rest of the scout in the same group as me.

I thought that was the end, but there was something else! We were each given a card face down, then we flipped them and were supposed to find someone whom we thought was described on the card. So, we went around searching for people.
Finally, we were done, we back to the kidzone. Once everyone had come, we played a game called “Poisonous Frog” These are the rules…

1.    A detective will be chosen, then, he will face a wall and cover his eyes.

2.    A frog will be chosen, he will be the killer. To “kill”, he will stick his tongue out at a person. Once “killed”, the person will have to lie down.

3.    The detective will have to find the frog before everyone dies

The game was so fun!

After finishing the last round, we assembled back in Indian file. I thought this was the end of the meeting, but then Baloo, told us that for the upcoming Fun Camp in November, we will not be singing the normal scout songs for the campfire. Instead, we would be coming up with our own songs. So, we started suggesting songs, one after another, to Baloo.

Once we were done with that, we were told to memorize them. Then, we assembled in Horseshoe formation and ended the meeting.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

North Area Solar Oven Competition, 26th August 2017

Written by: Trisha Chan, Senior Sixer & Scribe

Today, our cub scout meeting was very special and different. Because, three different Cub Scout units came to our school! They were going to compete against us in the Solar Oven Challenge.

There were two rounds, the first round was judged based on Construction, Creativity and Design. The second round was based on how well the oven worked. We had two hours to complete our solar oven.

Halfway through the two hours, we ate a snack, which consisted of curry puffs and egg with mayo sandwiches. Then, we got right back to work! Then, after we were done with our solar ovens, we all worked together to clean up the Kidzone.

After that, we went for lunch! We had chicken, sunny side up eggs, brow and white rice, boiled cabbage with carrots, and fish balls. Then, we sang some songs!

Soon after, the winners were announced! When we heard the name of the winners, we felt sad, as many of us had made friends among the other units. However, we knew that all good things had to end, so, when it was time to say goodbye to the other cub scouts, we said it happily.