Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Footdrills & Knots, 12th July 2014

Written by: Janice Koong, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

At 9 this morning, Lucas and I blew our whistles. We quickly called for Horseshoe and thereafter, Indian File. This was the 2nd last meeting for P6 cubs, including me, as we would be stepping down the following week to study for PSLE.

Baloo told the Sixers to get into Sixers’ Corner and check their cubs’ uniforms and foot drills. Some of the cubs did not wear their belts and some did not have their caps. After 45 minutes, all the cubs were called back into Indian File. Baloo called each six out one by one as he wanted to see which six had the best foot drills.

Subsequently, we did knotting. We were tasked to tie four wooden sticks into the shape of a square using only the Japanese square lash. This was difficult for some sixes as many could only remember the traditional square lash.  Soon, Baloo gathered all the sixes once again and checked their lashes.

After that, it was time for a simple game that called for concentration and teamwork. The main aim of the game was to balance a tennis ball in the middle of two wooden sticks. Our hands had to be steady and our minds had to stay focused. Any form of distraction would cause the ball to fall off the sticks and drop. The sixes competed to be the first six to get the ball to the other side of the KidZone. The fastest 3 sixes would earn points.

Before dismissal, Raksha have out proficiency badges, including the Camper Badge to those who attended the recent Sixers’ Training Camp 2014.

I look forward to the next week’s meeting and Handover Ceremony with mixed feelings. While I am somewhat glad and relieved that I no longer have to stand in front of the pack and yell commands, I will surely miss scout meetings and activities. Sigh… PSLE beckons….

Start of another awesome scout meeting

Footdrills... Footdrills....

Let's concentrate!

Slow & Steady... Slow & Steady! 

Mdm Kerina returning scout logs...

Sunday, July 6, 2014

Sixers Training Camp - Day 2, 6th July 2014

It was dark when Michelle and Joanna had to peel themselves from the comfort of their bunks to prepare an early morning meal for one of our Cubs, Ahmad Sidek, to partake in his breaking fast. It was the month of Ramadan, and all Muslims were encouraged to fast from sunrise to sunset.

The remaining pack started stirring up around 5 am! Wake up was at 6am, followed by washing uo and morning exercise.
Eagle Scouts had an ingenious way to work the Cubs physically. They played a game of catch around the Flag pole.

Baloo gathered all the Cubs for a quick Flag Raising ceremony before breakfast.

Inspection - the dreaded word at all Training Camps, followed. Eagle Scouts assisted and guided the Cubs, some of whom had no idea what to do! It was, as usual, a messy affair, with some layouts looking like a war zone! Eventually, all Cubs managed to reasonably lay out their clothes.

Baloo walked the Service Scouts through some Scout songs, and assigned the Campfire Leader, Lucas, to lead the campfire tonight. Evan would be assisting. There was a heavy downpour then, but the tents withstood the heavy rain and strong winds.

Cubs rehearsed the songs, with the Service Scouts leading them. Afterall, they, the Service Scouts, would be leading the campfire.

Foot drill followed for some, while each Six took turns to practise their dance with Madam Kerina, who ahd choreographed 3 dances, going through the 60s, 70s and 80s.

When the rain subsided, Self Reliance Individual Challenge started, with 3 stations.

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Sixers Training Camp - Day 1, 5th July 2014

Cubs gathering in school
27 Cubs arrived at school for the start of their training to be a leader in the pack. 2 Cubs were unwell and couldn't attend, while 1 Cub decided to withdraw from the camp. 2 others had prior engagements and would report at the camp later in the day.

The Cubs were assigned their respective Six, Elephant, Giraffe and Hippo, while the weather was wet with light rain. It should soon clear up. Keeping fingers crossed!

Duty Senior Sixer for the day was Claudia Kong, while Duty Asst. Senior Sixer was Kwey Xiu Xi

Elephant was headed by Duty Sixer Nicholas Yee, assisted by Asst. Sixers Chong Min Wenn, Jessica Koong and Alexis Chow.
Giraffe was headed bu Duty Sixer Goh Zi Rong, assisted by Asst. Sixers Shawn Ng and Nicale Yee.
Hippo was headed by Duty Sixer Keith Tay, assisted by Asst. Sixer Cheong Yew Ming, Sarah Njauw and Goh Zi Kiat.

Folding a Flag
Service Scouts and Eagle Scouts were also on hand to assist the leaders in the camp. Baloo briefed the Service scouts on their duties and expected conduct during the camp. They were there to assist and help where help was needed. Baloo made it clear that the Service Scouts would be called upon to assist during the training sessions, and that they should brush up on their Scout Craft to be able to assist. 

On arrival at Terror Sea Scout Camp, Service Scouts and Eagle Scouts unloaded all our camp equipment while the Cubs fell in Indian File under some shelter. As it was still drizzling, tent pitching was postponed and Chil briefed them on the do's and dont's of the camp.

Kitchen Utensils

The Dining Room

Baloo revised the Grand Howl, Folding a Flag and Flag Break Ceremony with the Cubs. With Janice supervising, the Cubs were quick to learn the tricks to correctly fold a flag, and conduct a proper Flag Break, or Colour Party. Service Scouts Evan and Andrew were asked to demonstrate flag folding, but their flag turned upside down! What an embarrassment!

Tent Pitching

As soon as the drizzle stopped, the Cubs were led to their camping grounds to pitch their tents. Baloo demonstrated step-by-step how to pitch a tent, starting with securing the groundsheet onto the ground before fitting in the tent poles. With the main guy-lines in place, the tent was soon up. The last to come on was the fly-sheet. Eagle Scouts assisted and supervised the Cubs.

Baloo walked the Cubs through the Qualities, Duties and Responsibilities of a Sixer, using the acronym S-I-X-E-R. Many Cubs were enthusiastic and participated in the discussion.
Hone Sweet Home for the next 2 nights

Lunch was a delicious fish burger with egg and fruit salad to accompany.

Dome Tent all ready for moving in

Moving in

The following is a blog written by Service Scout Ethan Cheong:

I jumped out of my dad's car and slinged my bag.
It was the first day of the 2014 Sixer's training camp. I bid farewell to my parents and headed to the place where we were supposed to assemble.
After putting my bag down, I was called to go for a small little briefing by Baloo. He told us that we could not relax as much as the previous year and had to do quite a lot of work. After this briefing,  my fellow service scouts and I started to load our belongings onto the bus and then helped to carry the camp equipment from the meeting area to the bus.
Once we arrived, we put our bags in a corner in the cafeteria before heading to wash the cutlery, plates, bowls e.t.c.
After that, some of us went to peel the eggs, clean the tables and help make the burger. While the rest of us went to help with the pitching of the tents.
Once these two tasks were finished, we had a quick recap on how to do a Japanese Square lashing before having lunch constiting of a fish burger, eggs salad and cheese fries  ( brought by one of our fellow service scouts).
After lunch,  we assisted our fellow scouts from the 23rd Eagle scout group to help the trainees to make shoe racks.
Next, the trainees went on their 10 km hike. The service scouts were dismissed and were allowed to do anything we wanted.
After the hike, we had dinner before being dismissed again.
I personally hope that one of my current Assistant Sixers, Nicholas will take over my role as Sixer of Bilby. Yet I do hope that all the scouts in the camp can recieve a leading role :)

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Mozzie Buster, 31st May 2014

Written by: Lucas Tan, Senior Sixer & Scribe

“Bzzz… bzzz… bzzz” goes the mosquito! Can you guess what we did today? A group of us went for a Mozzie Buster Programme at the Scout H.Q. where we learnt what Aedes mosquitos are and how to prevent them. The aim of the programme was for us scouts to learn the importance of keeping Aedes mosquitos at bay and then spreading the awareness to others. We even planned out our steps to teach pre-schoolers about Aedes mosquitos – Here, take a look!

Teaching Point
      1.    What is an Aedes mosquito?
    Sing an Aedes mosquito song
    Life Cycle of a Mosquito – Card Matching
    Acting out of different stages of a growing mosquito
     2.    How does an Aedes mosquito spread diseases?
    Symptoms of Dengue Fever – Card matching + Acting
     3.    Spot the Mozzie Game
    Picture of a certain area + circle possible mosquito breeding zones
    Stickers given as reward
     4.    How to prevent Mozzies from breeding
    “Do the Mozzie Wipeout” online video
    List down the prevention steps
     5.    Dengue Traffic Light
    Show different coloured cards – Red, Yellow or Green
Red – Sit Down (Danger)
Yellow – Stand on the Spot (Potential Danger)
Green – Walk Around (Safe Area)
      6.   Quiz Time
    True/False Questions
True – Stand
False – Sit

Saturday, May 24, 2014

Scout Meeting, 24th May 2014

Written by: Andrew Yeo, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

Scouts sedia!" today, was my second time doing color party since our Senior Sixer, Lucas was not here. After color party, we immediately started our official scout meeting.

Today was very special because one of our cub scouts managed to get a Collector proficiency badge .We are very happy for that particular cub and we wish that more cub scouts will continue to work hard to achieve more proficiency badges.

A particular game we played today was a hybrid version of 'dog and bone ' where a few people whom were 'amoeba ' would catch anybody who goes near the bone would be chased by the 'amoeba' , but those who successfully got away with the bone and who were not caught would immediately get one point awarded to their group.

Another game we played was 'Amoeba' which had a new rule . The new rule was that we could not exit and hide outside of the Kidz Zone would be immediately get banned from playing the game by waiting outside until the game was over. Although my fellow cub scouts and I were banned , we still managed to have some fun by playing this game called 'Zha'. 

I am sure that all of the cub scouts were tired running around playing Amoeba. So, we started to do some foot drills after giving them a short break. Mrs Koh then handed out a small packet consisting of a bookmark and a carabiner holder for those who earned $120 and above for Job Week . I am sure that after receiving them, all the cub scouts were very happy.

Just to remind all, we have already received our donation draw tickets and I am sure that we  will all do our best in selling them during our upcoming holidays.  See all of you in July !

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Track and Trail Day, 10th May 2014

Written by: Janice Koong, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

The senior sixers blew their whistles at 9am and the cubs scrambled to form the horseshoe. This time, Emu did the colour party. After the horseshoe, we assembled in Indian File and marked our attendance.

Chil announced that we were going to do Track & Trail, which is required for the Bronze Arrow. We were taught different signs and each six was given a task to complete. Each six had to use sticks and rocks to form the signs. Thereafter, Chil visited each six and questioned the members about each sign.

We took a short break before gathering back in Indian File. Then, Raksha filled us in on some details of the upcoming Amazing Trail, on 17th May. She told us to be punctual and meet in school at 8:30am. She also informed us on what to wear.

Before heading home, we went through the horseshoe and sunset party.

The cubs who planned to apply for Akela Award stayed back after the pack meeting to meet Mdm Kerina.

Track and Trail...


More footdrill...

Saturday, April 19, 2014

District STC & District Campfire, 19th April 2014

On Good Friday morning, 23 cubs gathered in school early in the morning to join the many from Bukit Timah District for our Annual District Sixer Training Camp. Campers arrived with their bags and sleeping bags all set for a good time meeting other cubs in the District.

On Saturday, instead of having our usual scout meeting in the morning, about 60 cubs met in school at 6pm for the Bukit Timah District AnnualCampfire. After attendance and all, we boarded the 2 awaiting buses to Nanyang Primary School, Toh Tuck campus. It was evident that cubs were very excited. For some, meeting their friends who were attending the District Sixer Training Camp.

We had a great time at the campfire. It an evening filled with singing, games and snacks.

Waiting for the campfire to start...
Bukit Timah District Sixer Training Camp 2014
Pelican Scouts all set for the campfire! 
Campfire burning... Campfire burning...
Snack time!!! Yum Yum!!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Camp Craft, 12th April 2014

Written by: Claudia Kong, Sixer & Scribe

"Horse Shoe!" The senior sixers shouted at 9am sharp.

After forming our Horse Shoe, we did something different from the usual. Baloo instructed us to do the Grand Howl. We had to do it so many time before finally getting it right. After the Grand Howl, we did our usual Horse Shoe formalities.

In Indian Files, Baloo got our senior sixer, Lucas to teach us the whistle commands for horse shoe and indian file. After we practice on the whistle commands, we did knots. In our six, we revised our knots especailly the Clove Hitch which is important for today's activity.

Next, each six was given some poles and ropes. After showing us an example of a shoe rack, as a six within the given time, we have to create a shoe rack. All six immediately sprung into action. Although most six did not manage to keep our shoe rack upright, I feel that we all did well for a first attempt.

Before today's meeting came to an end, Baloo got each six to stand in front to sing a song... We had great fun listening to songs ranging from Twinkle Twinkle little star, Father Abraham to Do you want to build a snowman...

It was a great scout meeting. Looking forward to the District Campfire next week.

Revising knots...
Making a camp craft using poles and ropes...
Baloo sharing what he observes...
Father Abraham has 7 children...

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Community Involvement cum Scrapbook making, 5th April 2014

Written by: Andrew Yeo, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

A group of 15 scouts were chosen to help out in a Ulu Pandan Community event which involved the Prime MinisterJ.  The event was held at the Mount Sinai Park and we arrived early to rehearse our welcome.  We were supposed to salute to Prime Minister at first but this was changed, instead we had to clap for him.  The rain must have held him up as the Prime Minister was supposed to arrive by 9.15 am but instead, he arrived at 9.30 am. Everyone was so excited that when he came out of the bus, people with cameras started climbing on the benches to take pictures of him.  I felt very honoured when he shook our hands and said hello. My fellow scout friends and I took photos also got to take photos with him.
Mr Lin gave us 30 minutes to play some games at the carnival stalls set up in the park. 

Once we were done, we went back to school to join the other fellow scouts who were busy making a scrap book about interesting cuisines and attractions in Singapore.  Some groups designed their scrapbooks differently, for example: there was one group which had pictures of the food and drinks with their names labelled at the bottom of the pictures, another group brought brochures of famous attractions in Singapore and MRT maps to show the locations of the attractions.  Another group brought stickers and glitter to decorate their scrapbook.  I think the objective of this activity was to encourage the cubs’ creativity in creating the scrapbooks and also to increase their knowledge of Singapore. We ended the meeting with a game which is similar to flying a plane.  The senior sixer would shout commands on the directions of flying a plane; and those who move in the wrong direction would get disqualified

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Job Week Reflection & Monies Collection, 29th March 2014

Written by: Caleb Liow, Sixer & Scribe

The annual Jobweek activity had ended. It is an important fund-raising for scouts.Our cub scout unit had arrived at our school for our weekly meeting. The meeting started with the usual flag-raising ceremony. Then, we split into our several sixs to write a reflection on our Jobweek experience; meanwhile , the scout leaders collected our Jobweek earnings. Some had earned a huge sum of money, striving to be the top earner, while some, just barely above their targets. 

After every six had handed up their earnings, and reflections completed, we played a simple game with a hula-hoop. With hands linked, each six was supposed to pass the hula-hoop forwards without breaking the link. Once the person at the start of the line had cleared the hoop, he would run to the back and just like this , we had a race. It tested not only our flexibility and agility, but also our teamwork and tactic . Afterwards, we played a much-loved game of "amoeba" . In this simple catching game , similar to virus, all the fathers had to link hands and catch the runners. When someone was caught he joined the line of catchers.This fun-filled meeting was ended with a sunset party.

Collection of Job Week Monies

Counting... Counting...

Coin! Our worst "enemies"!
Lots of effort to count these :(

Games time!!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Job Week 2014, 15th March - 21st March 2014

Here are some pictures of our cubs working hard during this year's job week. Well done cubs!

Thank you everyone for your kind support and generous donations.

DingDong! DingDong! Anyone home?
Cutting bread...
Polishing the leather sofa...
Washing car...
Thanks for supporting us!
Cleaning shelves@Caltex
Thank you for you support us!
Cleaning window@DailyScoop
Thank you for your support!

Checking expiry@Caltex
Thank you Caltex!

Preparing art material@Abrakadoole
Thank you for your support!

Baking cookies...
Feeding fishes...
Sweeping dried leaves...

Cleaning toys...

Tallying earnings...

Saturday, March 8, 2014

An Eventful Meeting, 8th March 2014

Written by: Claudia Kong, Sixer & Scribe

It’s another eventful Saturday morning.

We had a very SPECIAL horse-shoe today! 

During horse-shoe, a simple yet very meaningful investiture ceremony was held for the few P4 recruits that were away last week due to school P4 Malacca trip. Kaa led them in their scout promise, affirmation to be a cub scout and then presented each with our unit scarf.

Next, Raksha did a few administrative matters for this year job week  especially for those working in Caltex. She then dismissed us to our sixer corner. Sixers were asked to help pair up their cubs for the forthcoming job week. After the pairing off, we were brought to the PAL room for a detailed briefing of the job week by Kaa. After which, each cubs was issued 2 job week card. We were reminded by the adult leaders the importance of taking care of the job week card. A police report must be made for any missing card.

While the main pack was having the job week briefing, Caleb Lai & Gerald Tan took their Cook badge test. They prepared a sumptuous meal of salad, pasta, ice tea and ice cream and passed the test with flying colours.

Before today’s meeting ended, Kaa gave out a few badges. 

Well done to all cubs that had put in the effort to attain the different badges!

* Photos will be uploaded soon ....

Saturday, March 1, 2014

Investiture 2014, 1st March 2014

Written by: Lucas Tan, Senior Sixer & Scribe

Today’s meeting was a very important day for the scouts – it was the day of the Recruits’ Investiture. After the two days one night recruit induction camp, the recruits were finally ready to begin their scouting journey. The investiture is a once in a lifetime experience for the recruits – it is the time they become full-fledged 
cub scouts.

After the usual flag break ceremony, we got ready for a rehearsal for the Recruits’ Investiture. Chil dispersed us into horseshoe formation and the rehearsal began. Each Sixer of every Six with recruits had to lead their Six in the investiture. The Sixer would instruct the recruits and the Assistant Sixer to take a step back. Then, they would march to the middle of the horseshoe formation where Chil was standing. The Senior Sixers would have carried the Singapore flag and positioned themselves in front of Chil. The Sixers would then ask their recruits to face Chil and the Singapore flag.

At that point, Chil would ask the recruits, Assistant Sixer and Sixer to place their left hand on the Singapore flag. Raising their right hands in a scout salute, the recruits would recite the Scout Promise, repeating each line after Chil. The Senior Sixers would then carry the flag away and the recruits would put their hands down. Next, Chil would ask the recruits two questions: “Do u want to be a Scout?” and “Are you ready to be a Scout?” After answering yes to both questions, Chil would then take a scarf from the tray the Senior Sixer was carrying and put on the scarf for the recruit. With a left hand shake and a final salute, the recruits and the Assistant Sixer would then follow the Sixer away, back to their original horseshoe position.

After two good rounds of rehearsal, the Scouts took a break. We played two games of “Frog and Fly”. It was really enjoyable and we had lot of fun.

Finally, the long-awaited moment had arrived. Mr. Chia and parents of the recruits came down to HPPS to watch the Recruits’ Investiture. It was a solemn ceremony and an important one. Every one of the recruits had become a Cub Scout.

To all our new Cub Scouts, we welcome you with open arms as our brothers and sisters. We are proud of you and know that you will begin scouting with pride.

Senior Sixers with state flag ready for investiture
Unit scarf neatly arranged for Investiture
Principal, Mr Chia grace the ocassion
Chil, leading new scout with the scout promise
One for the album!
** Watch this space... more picture will be uploaded soon...
** A few P4 new recruits were away for the school P4 Malaccatrip. A separate investiture will be held for them.