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Saturday, August 24, 2013

First Colour Party in 2013, 24th August 2013

Written by: Lucas Tan, Senior Sixer & Scribe

Today, Baloo taught us how to do the Colour Party as some of us were unfamiliar with it. Baloo taught us the protocol in doing the Colour Party which is observed weekly in every meeting.  The Senior Sixer would call the Sixer of any six and that chosen Sixer would have to take a step back and march to the flagpole.  The Sixer would say, “Turn,” and the Senior Sixer/Assistant Senior Sixers would have to turn to face the flag pole too.   The Sixer  would then release the attached rope on the flagpole and “break” the flag. The Sixer would have to ensure that the correct side of the flag is facing all the cubs. Once done, the Sixer  would secure the flag and salute.  In return, both the Senior Sixer and the Assistant Senior Sixers would have to salute to the flag too. Then, all three of them would turn back, face the cubs while the chosen Sixer would march back.  As for the Sunset Party, it is merely the opposite of the Colour Party.

Baloo also made us line up in Indian File or Horseshoe by watching his hand signs. We were not supposed to make any noise at all while lining up in an orderly manner. We practiced this a few times until we managed to meet his expectations.

Next, we learned the Grand Howl.  We were dispersed into our Sixer’s Corner and each Six’s Sixer and Assistant Sixer would have to teach the cubs how to do the Grand Howl. Then, we had a competition to see which Six did it most accurately.

We were in for a treat.  An extremely fun game was waiting in store for us all.  It was better than “Amoeba”, “Human Tic-Tac-Toe” and many other games. It was – Captain’s Ball using water balloons.  The objective was to pass the water balloon (the ball) to your “goalie” who was standing on a long wooden bench. The other team had to try and intercept in order for them to be in possession of the water balloon. What made this game more difficult than the usual Captain’s Ball was the fact that the ball was a water balloon which could explode anytime and wet you if you were too vigorous. Unfortunately, many of us were actually very vigorous and fought over the water balloon. Thus, all the water balloons soon burst and the game ended. We ended the meeting with a Sunset Party.

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