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Saturday, August 17, 2013

Hike at Macritchie Tree Top Walk, 17th August 2013

Written by: Andrew Yeo, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe


The day was exciting as we are going on the first hike of the year. Most of us were motivated at the beginning as we gathered outside the library in school at 6.30a.m. :) I had to help the sixers sort out the submission forms by their Six.

Soon, the senior sixers and I blew our whistle to get the cubs in Indian file to mark attendance. After that, the adult leaders briefed us on the hike and dispersed us go to the toilet and to fill our water bottles up.

The two buses loaded with noisy cubs drove us to Venus Drive, a parking lot near the starting point of the hike. After the adult leaders were assigned to each six, the hike began !

Yay! We are finally moving off!!!

What's the hold up?

At the beginning of the hike, we were all very energetic but as we climbed up a few of the “hills”, we were losing our steam. I observed that when the cubs were more tired, they talked less. So finally it became slightly quieter and peaceful in the jungle. When we were at a ranger station resting and using the toilet, we saw a wild rooster, which was big and tender  - made us think of eating KFC. While we were there, we were glad to know that we are near the bridge :)

Yum! Yum! KFC anyone??!!

As we were walking along, I saw one of the adult volunteer tie a cub’s shoelace!

I also saw a poisonus mushroom which was grey in colour and looked like withered leaves. 

Scenary on the bridge, the far side is Malaysia...

It was a great achievement for the younger cubs to hike a great distance.  After the long walk, I am glad that at the end, we could all eat our food and enjoy ourselves, away from the monkeys that were in the forest eyeing at our food.

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