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Saturday, August 3, 2013

Athlete & Cook Badge, 3rd August 2013

Written by: Janice Koong, Assistant Senior Sixer and Scribe

Today was not going to be a usual scout meeting.

After the usual horseshoe, we lined up in Indian File and the Sixers took their cubs’ attendance. The Sixers were instructed to have Sixers’ Corner and go through the Test Booklets with their cubs. All were given ten minutes and had to assemble again thereafter.

Next, Raksha gave out a few badges. Then, we started the Athlete Badge test. Time for proper training… :D

There were 6 stations: 50m Skipping, Sergeant Jump, Throwing the Cricket Ball, Long Jump, 50m Sprint and Shuttle Run. Louis briefed us on each station and which station each Six should start with. After that, we changed into half-uniform and went to our respective stations. I started with the 50m Skipping, and ended with the Long Jump. It was really fun. Everyone enjoyed the morning exercises although some became quite exhausted.

Soon, I had to leave for my Cooking Proficiency Badge test, together with Andrew, Claudia, Jessica and Evangel. We proceeded to the canteen where stoves, pots and a rice cooker were waiting for us. We put on our imaginary aprons and started to prepare a meal. Our menu:
Claudia – Yong Tau Foo soup
Janice – Rice with chicken and mushroom soup
Andrew – Fried vegetables with egg and century egg
Evangel – Almond jelly with longan
Jessica – Rose ice-cream soda
When I poured the mushroom soup over the cooked rice with chicken nuggets… mmm….. It smelt really awesome. Not before long, we had whipped up a fantastic meal.

Right after the scout meeting, Raksha was ready for judging! We presented our great work, and she was impressed. We passed our test! After the assessment, we started munching on our food. Yum! After the scrumptious lunch, we washed up and packed up.

What a day of energy and flavour!

Louis explaining the Sergeant Jump 
Shuttle Run
50m Skipping
Throwing the cricket ball
Long Jump
50m Sprint
Pelican's Junior Master Chef@Work
The judging by Raksha...
All 5 passed the cooking test!
Picture with tester & judge, Raksha

More pictures for the Handover ceremony are available at:

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