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Monday, July 8, 2013

Sixer Training Camp 2013 - Day 3, 8th July 2013

After rise and shine at 6 a.m., Chil led the cubs for some simple morning exercises. Chil ended the morning execise a little earlier to allow the cubs to have some rest before they gathered for breakfast. How blessed they were!!

Breakfast was cheese sandwiches, hard boiled eggs, cereals and milo.. 

It was evident that cubs were more relaxed today.. Perhaps there were all too happy to be going home after surviving the Sixer Training Camp!!!

After breakfast, cubs were instructed to pack their things and with the helped of 23rd Eagle Scouts, cubs brought down and folded up the tents after ensuring that the tents were clean and dry.

Next, It was time for the cubs to learn CPR.. Akela Award aspirants demonstrated how to perform CPR on the mannequins. Many cubs had a go performing CPR on the mannequins too.

After CPR, the Akela Award aspirants were divided into 3 pairs, each pair conducted games for a six.

Kaa then did the final debrief and presented certificates to all participants. Kaa also announced the Best Trainee, Best Journals and the Best Six.

Best Trainee : Lucas Tan
Best Journal : Benjamin Johan, Caleb Liow, Lucas Tan
Best Six : Giraffe  (all 3 Six did very well, it was a very close fight.. well done to all 3 Six)

Certificates of appreciation were also presented to the service scout. A special thanks to scouts from the 23rd Eagle Scout who rendered invaluable service throughout the entire camp.

After some group pictures in our new Sixer Training Camp T-shirt, we boarded the bus back to school.. There will be many stories to tell... HOME SWEET HOME...
Trying out CPR on the mannequins...
Final debrief by Kaa
Clap! Clap! Clap!
Best Trainee - Lucas Tan
Best Journal - Benjamin Johan
Best Journal - Caleb Liow 
Best Journal - Lucas Tan
Best Six - Giraffe
Service Scouts & 23rd Eagle Scout
STC 2013 Trainee...

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