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Saturday, July 27, 2013

An Eventful Scout Meeting, 27th July 2013

 Written by: Claudia Kong, Sixer & Scribe

Today is our first scout meeting after the handover.

After horseshoe, in Indian files, attendance was taken.

We were all very excited when Raksha announced that she would be giving out the Bronze, Silver, Gold and Platinum leather woggle for this year’s job week. A special edition Black leather woggle was also given out to the top earners of this year’s job week. Two cubs, Sean Daly and Alyssa Daly, tie in their earnings to become the joint top earners. 

Next, Raksha & Kaa conducted a simple badge giving ceremony. A few Gold, Silver and Bronze arrows were given out. Camper proficiency badges were given out to all those cubs attended the recent Sixer Training Camp. Some other proficiency badges like Entertainer and Animal Lover were also given out. We also received our Bumblebee and Squirrel badges today. Yay!!!

After all the badges were given out, it was time for the adult leaders to collect from us the donation draw tickets and the money. While the collection was taking place, Sixers were instructed to go through the yellow test booklet with their six to ensure the yellow booklet is filled up accordingly.

Today, Baloo also taught us knotting. He taught us Reef knot and Clover Hitch. After giving us some time to practice how to tie these two knots, we had an inter-six knotting competition. Apart from speed, each six also need to tie the knots correctly. During the first round of the game, none of the six win the game!! “Crash & Burn”, exclaimed Baloo!!!  He had to gather us and revised the knots with us once again. Most six did better after the revision. The result of today’s inter-six competition is as follows:
1st: Wombat 2
2nd: Emu
3rd: Wombat 1

Before today’s meeting ended, Raksha returned the scout logs to each six. Once again, she sternly reminded all cubs to be responsible when we are assigned with the scout log. Raksha also showed us a sample of the quality of scout log she would like to see. Finally, she reminded all cubs to be on time for scout meeting and to ensure we come for meeting in proper scout attire.

It was indeed a very eventful scout meeting with the new batch of sixers… 

Job Week Top Earners...
Sean & his sister Alyssa 
Cubs Receiving Camper Proficiency Badge
A cub receiving his Gold Arrow...
Baloo teaching cubs knotting...

A cub showing how a Clover Hitch is done
Practise makes perfect :-)
Baloo revising the Clover Hitch
Inter-six competition...

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