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Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Handover Ceremony, 20th July 2013

ENTRY 1.... Written by: Caleb Liow, Sixer & Scribe

Everyone was eagerly anticipating the announcement of the new batch of leaders. The Senior Sixers conducted their last horseshoe before Raksha made a few announcements.

Afterwards, Chill brought us out to the open grounds to do some foot drills. His aim was for us to be coordinated as we stamp our foot in unison. We revised some of the commands like "Sernandiri", "Serdiya", "Kekanang Rurose", " Kekanang Puseng" etc.The foot drill trained us to be alert and follow instructions. We had to respond in time and on time and not rush. "Listen to the command," reminded Chill.

We had a brief explanation of how the ceremony would be conducted before the announcement of the new batch of Leaders. Finally, the long awaited moment came. The new batch of assistant Sixers, Sixers and Senior Sixers was announced! Our new Senior Sixer is Lucas, with Janice and Andrew as the two assistant Senior Sixer. All the chosen scout each received their certificate of appointment and badge.

The handover ceremony finally commenced. Each outgoing Sixer, bearing the Six flag and carrying the scout  log, marched forward with his Six following closely behind. The  new Sixer was waiting eagerly at the opposite end of the square. I beamed with a great sense of pride and gladness when the Playtypus flag and scout log were finally  handed to me. I am now the Sixer for Playtypus and my 2 assistant Sixers are Zi Rong and Ka Henn.

As part of the tradition,the Scout flag, Pelican flag and other items were passed from the old Senior Leaders to the new Senior leaders. The new Senior Sixers were also given a whistle each.

To end the ceremony, 2 cub scouts from each Six carried their P6 scouts away from the pack using the firemen's chair. This seems to signify a send-off for the P6s as they take a break for their PSLE exams.

During our first Sixers council meeting for the new batch of leaders, Kar reminded us of the values of a Sixer and our responsibilities. Indeed, as Sixers, we must share our knowledge, give clear  instruction, lead by example, encourage our team and be responsible. 


ENTRY 2... Written by: Benjamin Johan, Asssitant Sixer & Scribe

Today, was when the scout leaders would decide on who the next badge of sixers, assistant sixers, senior sixer and assistant senior sixer. I am very excited! 

When I came, I saw my friends there. Some of the scout were also there. However, Akela was not there. What a pity!

“Peep…peep peep!!! Horse Shoe!!!” The senior sixers shouted. We all rushed into our Horse Shoe formation! After that, we had to do footdrill. We all were sweating madly! The footdrill has taught me many different things!

Now, we had to announce the new batch of sixers, assistant sixers, senior sixer and assistant senior sixer! I am very excited! In the end, I become the assistant sixers! I am very happy! My parents would surely be proud of me!

My friend Andrew Yeo, was elected as assistant senior sixer! Lucas Tan got elected as senior sixer!

I hope that the next scout meeting will be as great as this scout meeting!!!
L to R: Janice Koong(Assistant Senior Sixer, 2013),
 Andew Yeo(Assistant Senior Sixer, 2013),
Lucas Tan(Senior Sixer, 2013), Justin Kong(Senior Sixer, 2012),
Hoo Jihn Shenn(Assistant Senior Sixer 2012) 
Newly appointed Sixers for 2013
Let the handover begin...
"Retiring" Senior Sixer, Justin handing the
Scout flag to Lucas
"Retiring" Assistant Senior Sixer, Jihn Shenn handing
 over the attendance folders to Janice 
Jihn Shenn handing over Pelican Flag to Andrew
One for the album...
"Retiring" Sixers getting ready to handover
The AWESOME P6 Cubs!!
We are going miss you!
The Send off...
Look how strong the girls can be :-)
Feeling like a king...
Getting some help from Lynette,
Assistant Senior Sixer(2011)
Thankful for the seniors..
Justin giving some guidances to the new Senior Sixers 
Kaa addressing the new sixers at their 1st Sixer Council

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