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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Scout Meeting (Ang Pow Rabbits)

Scout Meeting (Ang Pow Rabbits) 12 February 2011
By Scribe Jeremy Tan

Today was no ordinary scout meeting. “Why?” you might ask. Today , the cub recruits joined their Sixes and the Pack learnt to fold “ang pows” or red packets into rabbits. This Lunar New Year is the Year of the Rabbit, one of the 12 zodiac animals in the lunar calendar.

After the colour party, the cub recruits were assigned to their Sixes. Their faces were beaming with joy as now they belong to a pack and are ever eager to learn to “hunt” under their pack leader. For EMU, Yip Tze Ray, Daniel Chua and Traven Lim were assigned to Emu .

The challenge then begun. Senior Sixers, Sixers and Assistant Sixers were taught by Aunty Janny and Mdm Kerina to fold “ang pow” packets into rabbits. It was hard stuff and required steady fingers and patience. After a few rounds, it got easier and my creation begun to look like a rabbit.

My Rabbit….


Next, we had to introduce ourselves to the cub recruits and teach our Sixes the “magic” of turning “ang pows” to rabbits.

Initially it was difficult task. They were very confused and had stiff fingers. We all had a good laugh as some of our creations resembled anything but the rabbit.

However with encouragement from the experts, lots of practice and with deft fingers, they managed to make at least one rabbit by themselves. One was so good that he made what looked like Bugs Bunny……..

After 30 minutes, we stopped the rabbit folding activity and started to pack up. It was messy as pieces of cut “ang pows” were strewn everywhere but we managed to clean the kids zone eventually.

Then Akela told us to get into our Indian files and to put our rabbits on our right to see who made the most rabbits (individually). Not surprisingly, not many made more than 3 rabbits but nevertheless a commendable effort! Then, we had a competition to see which Six had the most rabbits. First place was Wombat 1 and second was Emu.

Akela next gave the YOG proficiency badges to those who did the YOG poster.

Then we did the horseshoe and were dismissed (except for the Senior Sixers , Sixers and Assistant Sixers who were treated to cupcakes (courtesy of Kimberly’s mother). I could have sworn that the cupcakes looked like rabbits but then I could be hallucinating .

The lesson we learnt today is if you set your mind to achieve a task, with determination, lots of practice and encouragement from the experts, you will get there.


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