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Saturday, February 19, 2011

MacRitchie Reservoir hike

MacRitchie Reservoir hike
By Scribe Kimberley Song

94 cubs braved the tiring MacRitchie Reservoir hike on Saturday.

This is our first hike after the long break. The day started out with Akela briefing us a few highlights of the hike. We then took attendance to make sure that we could account for everyone later during the hike. A few cubs were absent and some were late. Some cubs didn’t submit their forms. They were given a stern warning from Akela.

We left and boarded the bus at exactly eight. At last, we arrived at MacRitchie after the long bus journey. We got down and lined-up in Indian fine. This year, 23 eagle scouts joined us as they had also planned to hike at MacRitchie. The eagle scouts’ adult leaders and some of the eagle cubs were grouped with us. Those who were ready could start the hike.

A 5km hike was pretty tiring but exciting. My six and I came across 2 monkeys up close when we were taking a short break. Luckily, no one disturbed the monkeys and we left without any commotion. We also saw some fish thanks to the sharp eyes of Ossden. They looked like piranhas. How unique!

There are many trees and the reservoir was peaceful. So even though the hike was tedious, we were all quite happy to take a break from the concrete jungle we lived in. We soon made it to our destination. Yay!!

We rested at our destination for a while and I wasn’t pleased with what I saw after we arrived. Some recruits were using a stick to poke at a poor little millipede. Poor thing!!! Some others were throwing rocks into the river. But their “fun” ended as some adult leaders came to stop them.

We had to head back to the starting point and the reward waiting for us back there were the delicious snacks. Lured by the prospect of having a something nice to eat, we headed back double quick.

At first, I thought that walking back should be easier. Boy, was I wrong!! The journey back seems longer than when we first started even though we took short cuts through the forested areas. We were a little demoralized as it seems to take eternity. But we tried our best and pressed on.

We did it! We had arrived back to where we first started! I looked for a vacant spot and slumped on the wooden platform. Together with my other friends, we took our snacks and munched away at supersonic speed. But soon Akela gathered the Sixers to give us instructions on our sitting arrangement. It was in the order of an Indian file. We quickly moved the cubs into the formation as instructed.

The cubs were still eating their snacks when Akela called out and started to ask a few questions about the hike. Those who answered them correctly will be given an extra snack. That sounds delicious but I had no idea what the answers were! Else, I could have gotten an extra sausage bun.

Next, Akela let us play a game that allows us to slide down a grass slope. Man, was it fun!! THIS is the highlight of the whole hike. We all had lots of fun.
Next, the 23 eagle scouts were supposed to share with us, in our individual groups, about how they earned their badges. But those in our group only said lots of yay, yay and more yays……Yays??

Soon we boarded the bus and headed back to school. It was a tiring but exciting hike.. We made some new friends and had lots of fun. But most importantly, I learnt some things from the hike, like perseverance and respect for nature.

Well, there will always be learning opportunities as long as we keep a look out for it. "

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