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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Recruits Investiture

Recruits Investiture
26 February 2011
By Scribe Marcus Choo

The day all the recruits are looking forward to has come! Today was the Recruits investiture, where the recruits will receive their scarf, and become full fledged cub scouts.

Before that, we had a short briefing on the upcoming Job Week, and were shown the new card. We were not paired today as quite a lot of the scouts were at the P5 Camp. We also had a little bit of time to group into six’s corner for us to share the purpose of job week and our past job week experience with the recruits. Most of the recruits look enthusiastic about their first job week! From my past 3 years’ of job week experience, it is certainly an event to look forward to!

After that, it was time for the investiture rehearsal. By this time, some of the parents were streaming in, so only the first few groups could rehearse. I was quite nervous that I would do something wrong during the investiture, especially since this was a very big event, with parents and Mr. Ng, our principal, to witness it.

Soon the investiture proper started. My Six had 4 recruits and I, as their Sixer, had to march them up to Akela. Akela would then ask them 2 questions: “Do you want to be a cub scout?” and “Are you ready to be a cub scout?” After that, the recruits had to raise their right hand, and, putting their left hand on the Singapore flag (held by the 2 Senior Sixer), they solemnly recited the Scout promise. Thereafter Akela would put the scarves on for the recruits. Watching the recruits take the scout promise reminded me of my own investiture 3 years ago, where, with pride and much anticipation, I too took the scout promise. Time truly flies and I’m actually quite sad that my journey as a cub scout will soon end this year (Sigh!) However, my scouting journey has been nothing short of colourful and exciting! I hope each of the new cubs would also experience fully the magic of scouting!

As I look at the faces of the parents beaming with pride, I’m glad that everything went well, and the new cubs were very happy and proud to receive their scarf.

All too soon, the meeting ended for us cubs. What a special occasion! Akela and the parents then proceeded on to the job week briefing for the new cubs.


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