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Saturday, July 2, 2016

Sixer Training Camp 2016, 2nd July - 4th July 2016

@ Sembawang Terror Sea Scouts Camp
2 to 4 July 2016

By: Min Wenn, Jessica, Sarah, Nicole, Yew Meng and Jasper
A nice collaboration by all Scribes of 2015-2016! 
Special thanks to Jessica Koong (Scribe Leader 2015-2016) for putting this together!

Day 1 2 July 2016, Saturday

The selected cub scouts gathered in school. One by one they arrived, carrying their heavy duffel bags, backpacks, and luggage. As parents bid their children farewell, the gathering point was getting fuller by the minute. Scouts from different packs had volunteered as service scouts to help run some of the activities during the camp. The cubs were then placed in the groups, Elephant, Giraffe, and Hippo. Duty Senior Sixers, Sixers and Assistant Sixers were then assigned. They would rotate their duties daily. After all the adult leaders, service scouts, and cub scouts were on board the bus, we set off for Sembawang Terror Sea Scout camp.

When we arrived, Chill ran through the camp rules with the trainees while service scouts helped out with unloading. Next, the cubs had to pitch a tent. As most cubs had done this before, it wasnt difficult for all 3 groups to complete the task. Next was lunch. Everybody had a serving of crunchy coleslaw along with a deep fried patty between two burger buns.

After the scrumptious lunch, the cubs had to go through flag break and foot drills. Mr. Cheong was in charge. The trainees were taught a simpler way of tying a flag and how to release it. Unexpectedly, many cubs had forgotten how to tie a sheet bend. Finally, the cubs got the hang of it. Next, was a long and tiring session of foot drills. After which was time to tie lashing. Service scouts assisted Mr. Cheong in teaching the cubs on how to tie poles together with different lashings.

The next item on the agenda was the 10km hike. Our objective was to reach the Sembawang hot spring.

“I’m so excited!the trainees exclaimed, as they were boiling with excitement for the hike. Along the way, we saw many interesting things. For example, we got the opportunity to see a honeycomb! When we reached our first water stop, out of the corner of my eye, I saw something furry on the ground. Stepping closer to the furry thing, my hand flew to my mouth and I stifled a gasp. There were flies hovering around the dead body of a bird!

After about 4km, most of the cubs were starting to drag their feet, starting to loose their original enthusiasm. However, they encouraged one  another all the way to the hot spring! Before we even reached the hot spring, an aromawafted past our noses. The strong odour of rotten eggs! Most of us wrinkled our noses in disgust while some of us even pinched our noses.

As most of us expected, the place was pretty crowded as this hot spring was the last one in Singapore. Taking a good look around, I noticed that there were many people who brought buckets or containers. Later on, I realised that these people filled the buckets with water from the hot spring. Soon after, Chill told us we had to gather back at the meeting point in 45 minutes. We dispersed, different groups going to different parts of the hot spring. Before I could even touch the water, the hot water droplets came into contact with my hand, and I flinched. If the water droplets in the air were this hot, I knew that the boiling and bubbling water was even hotter! Sitting down on the edge, I placed me feet on the rubber floor mat. Slowly but surely, the scouts inched towards the water. Peering into one of the containers, my mouth hung open when I realised that the round things in the containers were eggs!

Forty-five minutes passed by in a blink of an eye and very soon, we gathered back together. We walked back to the campsite in the setting sun. On our way back, all of us felt very drained.

The next activity before the end of the night was a first aid activity conducted by Dr Ho and Dr Koong. There were 3 stations first aid tips on how to manage bleeding wounds, burns and bee stings, the steps of cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and hands-on practice of CPR on mannequins. At the end of the night, the cubs did their journals, showered and had a good nightsrest, to be ready for the day ahead. 

Day 2 3 July 2016, Sunday

We started the day early and fresh! Starting the day with a physical warm-up was definitely the right choice! After the physical warm-ups, the trainees had the self-reliant challenge! They had to cooperate to get the games and challenges done! Soon, it was afternoon, and they were singing campfire songs, practising for the upcoming campfire. We sang songs like Campfires Burning, Peace by the River, Edelweiss and not to forget, our favourite The Bee Song. The trainees, six by six, were called out to do a performance.

After all the songs, it was time for outdoor cooking! Before we did the outdoor cooking, the trainees were shown a tutorial on how to light up the base by one of the adult leaders. After the tutorial, we, trainees and service scouts started to try lighting the base, only with three matchsticks as instructed. After a while, most of the scouts lit up the fire and started throwing in the ingredients into the pot once the water started boiling. Finally, the food was cooked and all the hard work had paid off with the delicious food.  No one could understand how such a fun activity could be followed by a dreaded one! The item that everyone hates. (drum roll please) Inspection! The boys never passed and the girls failed twice!

Finally, the big campfire! Min Wenn, Nicale and Nicole were the emcees as Baloo was unable to do so. Clutching their scripts tightly, they prayed and hoped that the campfire would go on without a hitch. At the start of the campfire, Mr Njauw, Sarah and Matthias' father, was invited to light the campfire. Then, we sang some standard campfire songs like 'Campfire's burning' and 'The more we get together'. Next, we proceeded to the games! It was the traditional HPPS campfire game: Limbo Rock! The scouts lined up to play and there was some serious competition! But, in the end, there was a clear winner: Kylie! 

Of course, no one could forget the amazing dances by the groups: Elephant, Giraffe, Hippo! The Hippo members performed a Filipino Bamboo dance, the Giraffe members did a Japanese Fishermen dance and the Elephant members presented a New Zealand Maori Haka Dance. All in all, they were very entertaining! Subsequently, the scouts did three Pop songs, 'That's what makes you beautiful' and 'Drag me down' by One Direction, as well as, 'Try Everything' by Shakira! Pop songs were definitely the trend and I was not surprised to see that almost all of the scouts knew the lyrics! 

All good things must come to an end. To end the campfire, we sang the scout hymn, solemn yet serene and peaceful; it was definitely the fight song to break the campfire. After that, the highlight of the entire campfire came: Matthias' 10th birthday celebration! As the adults wheeled out the birthday cake, I could see Matthias tear a little. He was definitely not expecting this! Everyone present at the campfire stood to sing him the Happy Birthday song. Thereafter, we headed for refreshments and to look for our parents. With reluctance, we sent them off and prepared for our water game! 

After a tiring yet fun water game, we showered and changed to turn in for the night. Though an extremely tiring day, it was definitely fun!

Day 3 4 July 2016, Monday

It was the final day of the tough, hard and strict Sixers' Training camp. All the trainees were very happy as they could finally go home and see their parents. The day started with the senior service scouts leading the morning PT. The trainees then changed into their full scout uniform for the Grand Howl. After conducting the usual Grand Howl, the trainees ate their sandwiches hungrily.

After breakfast, Chil addressed the serious matter of a trainee having lost one of his sandals. He considered conducting another round of the deadly inspection but fortunately he did not. The trainees then took down and cleaned the tents with the assistance of the senior service scouts, while the junior service scouts packed all the  camping and cooking equipment. After the trainees were done, they split up into their respective sixes to play games. They had a blast bonding and playing games with one another.

Time passes very fast when you are having fun. Everybody gathered and the leaders gave out the certificates and the t-shirts to the trainees. Before the presentation of certificates began, everybody changed into their special Sixers’ Training Camp t-shirt. Smiles and cheers broke out as the Best Trainee, Best Six, Best Journal awardees were called out.  A group photograph was taken before Chil told the trainees to carry their bags and board the bus.

With a heavy heart, all of us left the campsite, cleaner than we had found it. We arrived at school, unloaded all the equipment and kept them in the storeroom. Chil conducted a camp debrief before dismissal. The P6 service scouts were certain the trainees enjoyed the camp very much and that all of them would definitely want to attend next years SixersTraining Camp!

Reflections by Jasper, as a trainee

On the first day of the SixersTraining Camp, I learnt more about leadership skills and qualities of a leader. I also learnt more about First Aid like how to react when a bee stings us. I felt that the day was an enriching and interesting day!

On the second day of the SixersTraining Camp, Baloo taught us some songs that were new to us and did a recap on songs we sang before. This preparation was for the campfire we were having that night. After that, we learnt how to set up a fire and cook our meal. We had our campfire and played water games which most of us were excited about. I felt it was a fun but tiring day.

Finally, it was the last day of the camp. We did not do much but pack up everything like tents and etc. We were then given our certificates which most of us are happy and proud of. When we got back to school, I felt happy that I have completed the camp! 

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