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Saturday, July 16, 2016

Handover ceremony, 16 July 2016

Written by; Syed Shafiq, Senior Sixer & Scribe

The outgoing senior sixers blew their last few blows on the whistle. That day was a special meeting that most of us would never forget: The Hand-Over Ceremony.

I came to school very early for the scout meeting as there was a briefing for all the Akela Award Candidates. The seven of us waited patiently for Mr. Cheong to address us. When he arrived and sat down on a seat, we immediately sat in front of him in a semi-circle. When he gave us the instructions to bring our documents and log, we scattered, ran to our bags, grabbed them and came back to the semi-circle. He instructed us to line up for him to check that we have filled the forms in properly. Suddenly, while checking through someone’s form, the senior sixer blew the whistle, so we had to pack all our things and from horseshoe.

After the horseshoe, we lined up in Indian file. As we were told to sit down, Mr. Cheong called for all the Akela Award Candidates. We gathered and were told that we were going for our First Aid test for our Akela Award while the others waited for the arrival of Baloo. Upon his arrival, they greeted him good morning. Us Akela Award candidates could here them softly greeting him. However, the second time they greeted him, I could almost feel vibrations from the classroom block.

The first thing the candidates did was to revise the basic steps that were taught during the latest STC. On the other hand, the other cubs were instructed to take their donation draw tickets out. They held on to the tickets until the senior sixer dismissed them into their separate groups for the tickets to be collected. Next for the candidates, we had to perform CPR on a mannequin which was laid on the ground for us to practice and take the test. After the test there was another assessment on what to do when someone is cut, burnt, scalded or stung. Once all the candidates were finished with both stations, we got Dr. Ho to sign the place where she had to sign the first aid. As the candidates walked back, Baloo came to me and asked me for my donation draw tickets.

After all the tickets were collected, there was the badge ceremony. All the candidates received a first aid proficiency badge and a certificate stating we passed the test. Most of us candidates had more than one badge to collect because we needed a minimum of 6 proficiency badges including first aid. Next the most in tense part was when they were announcing the roles of this year. Six by six, the assistant sixer was called. My six had too many assistant sixers so some of them had to be transferred away to another six. Many were disappointed, as they were not called for the assistant sixer. However, when the sixers were called, they were chosen. Myself, waiting anxiously to be senior sixer waited behind my six continuing my duty as an assistant sixer. When the assistant senior was called I knew I could only be a senior sixer. When Mdm Kerina said,” And your senior sixer is….” Everyone was chanting my name waiting for me to be senior sixer. Soon I was called and a round of applause was given to me. I was very grateful that I had the opportunity to be the senior sixer.

Next the existing senior sixers instructed us to line up in Indian file at the back of the KidZone as we were about to start the ceremony. The sixers collected the flag of their six and stood in front them while all the appointed Assistant sixers, sixers and senior sixers lined up in front of the sixes. Firstly, the senior sixers started first. Min Wenn handed the scout flag and the attendance list to me. Next, Nicole handed the things to Kylie and the sixers handed each of their flags to the new appointed sixe and handed the other cubs to them as well. They also made some words of advise to help the younger generation of leaders. After that we took many photographs and ended with horseshoe. This time, the new batch of sixers took over. Soon after the horseshoe, the sixers gathered in a circle to continue with sixer’s council. We soon ended that spectacular day.

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