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Saturday, August 2, 2014

Tobacco Free Generation Talk & Fun Camp Briefing, 2nd August 2014

Written by: Evangel Wong, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

"BEEP!"   "BEEP!" went the whistle Claudia, Daniel and myself blew the whistle loudly to signal for horse shoe. This was my first time being the assistant senior sixer but not for the rest as I missed the last week scout meeting!!!*_*  

All the cub scouts scurried into their places, we did our usual horse shoe ritual. 

After that all the cubs were in horse shoe but they took quite long to gather in Indian file so, baloo asked  the senior sixer to go to a different place and call out for Indian file again. We did that until baloo was satisfied with the time spent on forming the Indian file . 

When we were done with that baloo asked us some question such as what we were thinking during the one minute of silence. Some examples for the question are.....1)ways to help people  2) Ways on improving myself 3) Thanking god on what all the amazing things I have.....and plenty more. Baloo also asked questions like what is the meaning of the Scout promise? And what is the meaning of the Scout law? 

We talked about those questions for a while than, we all went to the teaching lab to have two briefings. One about a Tobacco free Generation talk presented by : Dr Koong and another talk about this year end Fun camp!!! 

The tobacco free generation talk was a proposal that those born after 2000 and gradually, will NEVER smoke before or after the age 18. Dr Koong also told us the bad effects of smoking! Some SCARY examples...Lung cancer, heart problem , shortened life span .......and plenty more!!! I sure do not want that to happen to me! I hope you too. Dr Koong told us about a competition Step number 1) Find a small group of people to enter the competition with Step number 2) make a good video to let people know about the proposal, and warn them about smoking, then send the video to the tobacco free generation website. Step number 3) If your group does your very best and video is amazing your group might stand a chance on winning attractive prizes! 

The next talk was just a brief explanation on what was going to happen during this year ends Fun camp! The people organising the activities during Fun camp presented the talk. They told us about the amazingly FUN activities we were going to during the Fun camp! :D I was so excited about it and I am.... quite sure we were ALL excited too!!!! After the talk it was sadly the end of this weeks scout meeting....:(  Everybody left happily...............

Cubs listening attentively to Dr Koong...

Let's be the Tobaco Free Generation!

Parents joining in the talks...

Camp Challenging staff giving a briefing about the fun camp

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