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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Handover Ceremony 2014, 19th July 2014

Written by: Claudia Kong, Senior Sixer & Scribe

“Beep… !! Beep !! ” went the senior sixers’ whistle .It was time for horseshoe ! As usual , when we are done with our horseshoe we got into Indian file .Today was a very significant day in the Henry Park Pelican Scout’s calendar as it is the day that the existing sixers (mostly P6) would handover to a new batch of sixers. I can feel the excitement in the air!!

Before the handover ceremony, Baloo gave out some badges. Today he gave out 2 very special badges, He presented “Campfire Leader” badge for Lucas & Janice who led in the campfire during the recent Sixer Training Camp. Baloo also presented the “Scribe” badge to 6 newly appointed Scribe for our blog. They are Daniel, Evangel, Jessica, Xiu Xi, Yew Ming and myself.

Next, Baloo went through with us the handover ceremony procedure. We had a few practices before the actual handover ceremony at 11am.

Finally the long awaited moment came. Many parents came by to witness this simple yet memorable moment. Raksha announced the names of the newly appointed Assistant Sixers, Sixers, Assistant Senior Sixers and Senior Sixer. Each of us received a certificate and a badge from the Chill / Baloo. The Senior Sixer and Assistant Senior Sixers also received a whistle each.

At the handover ceremony, the Scout flag, Pelican flag and the Attendance record were handed over from the outgoing Senior Sixer and Assistant Senior Sixers to the new batch of leaders.

Next, each outgoing Sixer bearing the Six flag marched forward with his Six to the awaiting new Sixer at the opposite side, after a ceremonial salute, the outgoing Sixer handed over the Six flag to the new Sixer at the same time outgoing Sixer gave a word of encouragement to the newly appointed Sixer.

The last part of the handover ceremony was 2 cubs from each Six have to carry their P6 scouts away from the pack using the firemen’s chair. This is a symbolic act for us to 'temporary'send-off our P6 as they take a break and focus on their PSLE.

We are sure going to miss all the P6s. Looking forward to having you back after PSLE.

We wish all the P6s…


Our Campfire Leaders - Lucas & Janice

Scribe for 2014/15

Senior Sixers handing over...

Handing over...

Sixer handing over the Six to newly appointed Sixer

The Six Flag...

Do your best!!

Ceremonial Salute

A word of encouragement to new Sixer

She aint heavy.. She's our BFF!!

Look how strong these boys are!!

Ahhh.. almost there....

Special ride from outgoing Senior Sixers

The newly appointed Sixers & Senior Sixers

Bye-Bye for now... All the best & See you soon!!

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