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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Art & Craft, 26th July 2014

Written by: Daniel Por, Assistant Senior Sixer and Scribe

“BEEP!!!...BEEP!!!” The sound of the Senior Sixers’ whistles rang through the air. The Cubs took this as the signal to gather in Horseshoe formation. Today was my first meeting as Assistant Senior Sixer, and I felt nervous. I guess all the other newly promoted Sixers and Assistant Sixers felt that way too. After the usual rituals, the Cubs gathered in Indian File.
Chil then briefed them on what was the reasonable for a Cub to arrive a school. He said that the ideal time was around 8.45, as Cub Scouts had to be punctual.

After this, he gave out a few badges. Congratulations to those who had achieved the badges! He then asked who had not brought their scissors, glue, and double-sided tape, as these were the items listed on the notice board. A few hands went up on hearing this question. Chil reminded them to check out the notice board every week, which, would be updated by Wednesday.

Then, Mdm Kerina called the Sixers over to explain what they were going to do for the day.
Basically, with the items they had, they had to make a landscape, complete with background, flora and fauna. They were also given one vanguard sheet, a set of construction paper and origami paper. After this, I joined Kookaburra, and broke into Sixes’ Corner.
When one and a half hours had whizzed by, Claudia and I blew our whistles to signify Indian File. The landscapes were quickly judged, and then each individual Six took a picture with their landscape.

Soon after, those who wanted to achieve the Mozzie Buster badge had to meet Mdm Kerina, and the rest of the Cubs enjoyed a fun game of Tic-Tac-Toe!!!

All too soon, it was time for Sunset Party, and everyone went home happily.


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