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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Akela Award 2013, 19th October 2013

Written by: Caleb Liow, Sixer & Scribe

Striding down the corridors of Hwa Chong Institution, my younger brother and I could hardly contain the excitement in us. It was the day of the Akela Award Presentation Ceremony, and 8 cub scouts from our pack would be receiving this prestigious award .
The Akela Award is the highest form of recognition that a cub scout can receive, and it is no mean feat. Stepping into the auditorium , I was greeted by the incessant chatter of the families and cub scouts that were present. The ceremony started with a scout band playing the bugle to announce the commencement of the ceremony. Very interesting!

The MCs started by recalling the past 88 years of Singapore scouting , reminiscing when the first few scout packs started . I learnt that CubSEC (cub scout executive committee) is a organisation in Singapore that organises engaging activities for cubs , including the sixers training course , partnerships with Disney , and a basic ukelele course . 

Wow! This informative presentation was followed by an encouraging and short speech by the guest-of-honour , Mr Johnny Ang . He congratualated the awardees on their acheivement and thanked the people who have supported Scouting .

Finally the long-awaited moment arrived! The recipients received their awards ,pack by pack. Parents and siblings alike were eager to snap a photo of the recipients' proud moment. Shutters were clicking everywhere and I was no exception. When it was time for the Pelican cubs to receive their awards , there was a tremendous applause. The following are the names of the recipients : 
Andrew Yeo
Evan Lee
Gabriel Njauw 

Ryan Pary.

The recipients were on cloud nine and had a broad smile plastered on their faces when posing for photos.

Besides the above mentioned , our pack was proud to have three cubs receiving the Akela Award with honours. They are: my brother ,Bryan Liow , Ethan Cheong , and Gan Kah Kheng . These few cubs were chosen from the 163 awardees and emerged as the top 25 with stellar performances across the various Akela award requirements. These outstanding cubs were rewarded with a special wolf woggle and a certificate.
The last awardee,  a cub from Pegasus cub scouts (Nanyang Primary School),was the valedictorian. He represented the awardees to give a speech. Although he had the  highest score , he displayed humility by saying,“ I am no more deserving of this position than any other of the awardees .”

This unforgettable event was closed with the Akela Award Honour cubs leading in the singing of the scout hymn. Then, last but not least photo-taking time!

We thank our principal, Mr Chia, Raksha and Mdm Kerina for gracing the event.

L to R: Ryan Pary, Gbriel Njauw, Evan Lee, Aruna, Andrew Yeo
with District Commissioner
Akela Award with Honours...
L to R: Gan Kah Kheng, Ethan Cheong, Bryan Liow
with principal, Mr. Chia, Mdm Kerina & Raksha
Henry Park Pelican Scout
Akela Award 2013 Recipients with VIPs 
Scout Hymn before the end of ceremony
Another photo for the album! Well done Cubs!!

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