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Friday, March 30, 2012

Scout Meeting 24th March 2012

1st report by Scribe Brandon Khaw
(see 2nd report below)

Hooray! It’s the first scout meeting after the 1-week March holidays. I was looking forward to meeting my friends that I got up earlier than usual. After a quick breakfast, I was off to school.

The meeting started promptly at 9am. All of us gathered and formed the horse shoe and we got ready for the colour party. Then it was time to submit our Job Week earnings so we gathered at the canteen and waited in line for our turn for submission. Whilst waiting, we were talking about our job week experiences.

After the adult leader has verified all the earnings, we were told to write down our Job Week experiences.

For me, I found this year rather challenging. My partner, Jun Le and I had a rather tough time. Most of the residents decline and told us that they do not have any job for us. It was rather discouraging but we look at the bright side, we were thankful for the many kind people whom we met who couldn’t stop feeding us with fruits, food and drinks besides giving us jobs to complete. Both of us had a great time practicing our hello speech and persuasion skills. I also feel that Job Week provides us with the opportunity to build up our confidence level and courage through knocking on doors, having to approach strangers and offering our services to complete jobs.

After the final count of the monies collected from Job Week, we proceeded to the basketball court for the games! Hurray!!

The first game we played was ‘street and alley’. The main focus was on cooperation and teamwork. There was a catcher, a runner and a shouter. The catcher would run after the runner and try to catch him/her as they race through the challenging maze.

The shouter would shout-out either ‘street’ or ‘alley’. When we hear ‘street’, we were supposed to hold out our right hand forward. When we hear ‘alley’, our right hand is to be kept at our side. It was not easy to follow these 2 sets of instructions thus resulting in hilarious situations and confusing hand-signals. Next we played our all-time favourite game, “bomb”. We were divided into five groups, namely Sixers, Pelicans, Wallaby, Koala and Kangaroo. The purpose is to eliminate the other team through the verbal bomb. We had so much fun that time simply flew by us. We gathered in the Kidzone for the sunset party. Alas! An enjoyable meeting has come to an end. We will depart from school and shall meet again in a week’s time.

2nd report by Scribe Georgia Yew

As we started the weekly routine of horseshoe, we were all very excited, we knew that today was the day that the scout leaders would be collecting our hard earned job-week money. Right after horseshoe, we assembled in Indian file to get ready to go to the canteen to collect our job-week money and write our reflection on job-week. Well I had to admit that I was very interested in knowing how job-week went for my new cubs not to mention the older cubs too! I too wanted to share my bit of experience of job-week and the funny or embarrassing things that happened to us.

  After assembling by six in the canteen we choose our table and did our special reflection on job-week, the scout leaders also collected our money that we earned.

  After a long while of talking and playing the scouts then went off to play games at the basketball court since all the money had been collected.

  This time the sixers chose the games that were going to be played as usual we heard the chant of ‘amoeba! amoeba! But as usual we had to choose another game. We, the sixers chose to play the game ‘Streets and Alley’ a game that we had once played with our fellow Hong Kong Canadian scout friends in our overseas trip to Hong Kong last year. It was a game where there were three main players, the instructor who was to help the runner, the runner and of course the catcher. Whereas the rest of us became the streets and alleys. When the instructor says alley or street all of us were to change our direction so the runner could run thorough the street or alleys to avoid being caught by the catcher.

Next up right before all of us went home, we played bomb, which was quite a common game where each group is to ‘bomb’ another group by saying [let’s say that the group name is kangaroo and the opponent is koala] kangaroo bomb kangaroo bomb to koala bomb. However if the group does not cooperate together or one of its member says the wrong thing, the group will get ‘bombed’ and will be out of the game.

  Sadly for all of us, the meeting ended with the normal colour party ceremony well as the saying goes ‘All that is good has to end’. I went home awaiting the next meeting what a great morning!

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