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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Job Week Refresher & Recruits Investiture - 3rd March 2012

By Scribe and Senior Sixer Kimberly Song

Today held the most memorial event item for a recruit. They would be promoted to Cub Scout and receive their very own scarves.

The day began with a very cramped kidzone and chaos. Akela was furious because bags were strewn all over the place and not placed together with their six. Attire was not complete for some and a couple of cubs were late. After horseshoe, we formed straight lines of Indian fine and began discussing the one topic that I have been waiting for. Job week.

Akela told us the same things as every other year, how to introduce yourself when someone answers the door, what not to do and what to do. A few recruits were picked as volunteers to demonstrate how to counter back a very difficult to deal person that answers the door.

We were also taught not to continuously knock the door if some nutty rude person answers the door by slamming it at our faces. Neither should we ring the doorbell or knock the door and run away. Its very irritating for the residents and it is very disrespectful.

Job week is an event that enables one to learn the value of money and how hard it is to earn it. There seem to be a change in the earning to earn prizes!

$120-A pouch

$150-bronze woggle

$200-sliver woggle

$300-gold woggle

$500-platinum woggle

$1,000 and above-Black gold woggle

Hopefully these attractive prizes increase the amount of money earned this year!

Then we began preparing for the ceremony. Akela taught the cubs and our new brothers and sisters what to do and the scout leaders brought benches over from the canteen. Once ready, we lined up in the formation of horseshoe and began the ceremony.

I saw my own face in most of the recruits, as they were about to march to Akela, say the scout promise and receive the scarf. Their big eyes sparkling, their hearts dancing with joy within their soul. Reminds me of me. Then we ended the meeting and the new cubs where to stay back.

Its pretty sad that this is my last year in Henry Park. I wish I were a recruit all over again. Receive the scarf, my first job week… But I will return to watch a new batch of cubs receive their scarves.

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