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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Annual Bukit Timah District Campfire

Annual Bukit Timah District Campfire

23rd April 2011
by Pelican Scribe Brenda Wang

The annual district campfire is back again! The special thing about this year’s district campfire is that unlike other years, where the campfire was held in Greenridge Primary School, this one was held in West View Primary School.

Those who were performing in the campfire reached school at 5:00 pm, and practiced the song ‘Heal the World’. Baloo briefed us on how we could do better and rearranged our positions. As the conductor of the day, my job was to make sure the performers started singing the song at the correct pitch and time. My hands were sore after each practice but after seeing that everyone was enjoying the song, the sore arm did not matter anymore.

We soon gathered back to the Koi Pond where the consent forms were settled. Luckily we did not have any issues regarding the consent forms as we were a running late for the campfire.

We reached the West View Primary School about 45 minutes later and were welcomed by the older scouts who hi-fived us as we entered the school compound. I felt a tinge of excitement as I entered the school.

The thing that caught my attention was the stage, which was made up of canteen tables and chairs. The steps were made up of the chairs, while the tables formed the centre and the extra walkway of the stage.

It soon started with the practice of adiji yell, as the energetic yells of campers were heard. Well, the best thing you do in camps is that in the company of good friends, you cheer louder than you have ever done.

The campfire proceeded with familiar songs such as ‘Campfire’s Burning’ and ‘BP Spirit’. Cheers and songs from some schools and camp troupes were performed on stage and everyone cheered them on. Some cheers were really good, while others were soft but I’m sure they will learn and do better in their future ones. There is never a straight path to success. Every road is filled with mountains and stones that attempt to block our way, but the choice to overcome them is ours.

Then the games came. Two of our brave scouts went up to take part in the competitions. Even though they did not win, what was important was the fact that they were brave enough to go on stage. Never blame your friends for losing a game. Always encourage. It is when you blame your friend that his or her self esteem will drop and thus allows others to catch up.

It was not long after the games when our school was called out to perform. We went up the stage but unfortunately, the sound system was not working so we had to wait until the next school finished their performance before we could go up.

When we were called back up again, I felt very afraid as I was the one who was in-charge. We started too quickly and sang the verses too quickly as well, the same problem that we faced when we practiced in school. Baloo tried to help us, but it was still too quick, so we just continued with it. We all went back to our seats after performing, disappointed with our performance. I think that if the music had been louder, it would be easier for us to sing. I told myself that we should look at the positive side of things. Maybe if we point out our mistakes, we could do better the next time round.

It all ended with the Scout Hymn before we the sixers were called to collect the McDonald Apple Pies and Packet drinks. Yay! However, due to time constrains, we could not eat it yet and were dispatched to our own respective buses back to school.

Another memorable day has ended, a day filled with laughter, cheers and old memories for those who have taken part in the District Sixers Training Camp before.

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