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Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Job Week Briefing

Job Week Briefing

5th March 2011
by Scribe Kimberly Song

Today is no ordinary scout meeting for 5 recruits and their families. These 5 recruits, due to some reasons, did not attend the investiture ceremony held last week, so today, we will do a special investiture ceremony just for the 5 of them.

I was chosen to do the investiture with the 5 recruits as I had also missed the investiture ceremony last week due to the P5 camp. I felt very nervous.

Akela quickly explained to me what I was supposed to do. He then told everyone to form horseshoe. The whistles were blown and everyone fell into complete silence. The 5 recruits and I marched up to Akela and he then asked the recruits some questions. The recruits answered his questions, placed their left hands on the scout flag and recited the scout promise. Akela then put their scarves on them and they officially became HPPS Pelican cub scouts. Congratulations!! Armed with cameras, their parents snapped away excitedly of their child’s special moment.

After the investiture ceremony, we broke horseshoe and Akela called all the sixers forward. Akela instructed us to go to our own corner and teach our six how to fold the scarf properly and to ask them what is the purpose of the 1-minute silence during horseshoe and what they think of it.

One of the cubs in my six replied that the reason why we do the 1-minute silence was because we were noisy. 2 others said that it was to thank the Gods and the new cub had no idea. But, my AS gave the correct answer; the 1-minute silence was to thank our families and everyone else that had rendered their help to us one way or another.

Once we were done with the discussion, we formed Indian file and talked about jobweek’s do’s and don’t’s. We were given our jobweek cards after.

Who would have thought that this year’s cards would be different! Instead of blanks for us to write down the amount earned, there were very little blanks in the new cards. However, they had pre-printed amounts like $5s and $10s and some blanks. As a result, we were given an additional card because there were too little blank spaces.

After the jobweek cards were given out, we did horseshoe and the cubs were dismissed. The sixers, of course, stayed back for sixer’s council as usual.

I am sure all of us would work hard to reach our targets. Here’s wishing all cubs, and myself too - All the Best!

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