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The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Scout Meeting 28th Aug 2010

Written by Scribe Leader Brenda Wang.

Scout Meeting, 28th August 2010

As I entered the Kid zone, I wondered what will be the highlight of this week's scout meeting. Neither the emails sent to parents nor the scout notice board provided information on this week's scout meeting. The preparation for the coming continual assessment 2 had tired me out, but nevertheless, the long queue in front of Akela with their test booklets in their hands was getting longer and longer. Everyone was trying to get their badges done before the scout meeting started. Meanwhile, we, the sixers encountered some problems with the flag. Just as we succeeded, someone accidentally pulled the wrong string, causing the flag to break. Sigh! We managed to "untangle" ourselves from this mess with some help from Akela.
After horseshoe, we got into the usual Indian file. Akela proceeded to give out the numerous badges. I was glad that many people had started to take their arrow badges compared to a few years back where there were only 3 or 4 people with the Gold Arrows. Now, there are more than4. Many cubs have also started to take their proficiency badges.
Next, we were instructed to break into our respective sixes corner to tell our cubs about the different arrow badges. I made my rounds to "inspect" each six to see what they were doing. Those cubs that were usually playing among themselves were now more attentive and listened to their sixers. After exactly 10 minutes, we gathered back in Indian file to continue on with the meeting.

It was now Bagheera's turn to take over by telling us the three golden rules when we see someone injured: First , don't panic; second , call for an adult's help or the ambulance; and last but not least, do not risk your life. Indeed, we are still young children and why risk our own lives to save someone? We also learnt what to do when someone's shirt gets on fire. I was very surprised to find out that it is wrong for someone to take off his shirt when his shirt gets on fire as his skin may come off too!

We also learnt the usual arm bandage. As soon as Bagheera had given his instructions to try it out in pairs, everyone zoomed off into their own corner in the Kid Zone to try it out on their friends. This just shows that we are all excited to do the hands-on activity!

After Bagheera had approved of our bandages, we proceeded on to the first aid game. The representative of each six had to go to the other side of the kid zone and wait for each member of the six to go to him or her to tie the bandage. The adult leaders, Sue-Jane and I inspected each of their bandages and approved if they had tied their bandage properly. Many cubs tied the reef knot on the back of the cub's neck which would strangle him if pulled too tight. Some also forgot to roll and tuck in the extra part of the bandage under the arm, so they had to redo.

The champions finally emerged and after a good water break, there came the time most of us were waiting for- the race relay. It consisted of 3 rounds. The first round was rather simple: we had to run to the cone which was on the other end of the kid zone, run around the cone, then run back and tap the next person. This process continued on until all the nine people in the six had completed.
Round 2 was all the same, but a little more challenging. We had to run backwards, instead of forward. Much to our surprise, the winners of the first round were exactly the same as the second round while the second and third place winners were swapped. What a coincidence!

I expected the third round to be the "duck walk relay", but it turned out to be something that I had never done before: slow motion run. We had to run in slow motion, make any kind of sounds that we want, and the slowest six wins. The sixer of each six tried out first, and since their slow motion run was really in such slow motion, Akela decided to let the whole six go at once due to time constrains. Once the instruction to go was given, the cubs made sounds of "Ooh" and "Aah" as well as 'Nooooo!" as they ran in slow motion. Some even pretended to fall so that they could be the slowest. What a sight!

All too soon, Akela called for horseshoe and the meeting ended with sixer's council. I look forward to next week's meeting on the clay–making of the pelican. During this scout meeting, I had learnt about the 3 golden rules and the precautions to take during a fire. Most of all, I enjoyed the race relay and I hope that there will be more of such relay games in the future!

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