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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

14th August 210

By Scribe Jeremy Tan (AS-EMU)

The Spirit of Singapore comes alive in Aug 2010. Two important "Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag" events made Singapore proud. The 2010 National Parade (NDP) and the inaugural 2010 Youth Olympic Games (YOG).

August 2010 is also the start of the spirit month of the Hungry Ghost, a festival worshipped by many Chinese Singaporeans. It has a colourful and rich history.

For many Cubs including myself, our dreams came true when we learnt that a Tokyo / Disneyland trip to Japan isarranged for us from 21st -28th Nov 2010. Hurray!

Another dream, a visit to the Newater Centre is scheduled on 21st Aug 2010. The Newater Centre tells the journey Singapore struggled to become more self sufficient in water. The journey also resulted in the creation of Marina Barrage which facilitates Singapore's water management. These are examples of "Live Our Dreams, Fly Our Flag". We look forward to "live our dreams".

At 9:00 am,Senior Sixer Brenda Wang whistled for the formation of the horse-shoe which signaled the start of the colour party ceremony. Then it was into our Sixes in Indian files.

While waiting for Akela, many of us shared our experiences. Many of us were involved either as participants or as spectators in the NDP and YOG. Much talked about was when the Torch and Torch Bearers of the YOG came by Henry Park Primary School on 12th Aug 2010. Although a little brother of the Olympic Games, YOG is no less significant than the Olympic Games and we are glad to be able to witness and experience it right at our doorstep. Singapore is the stage and the World is the spectator. We are proud, Singapore.

Akela handed the consent form for next week's visit to the Newater Centre. The consent forms are to be dropped into the Scout's Letter box by 18th Aug 2010. All consent forms (including those unable to attend) are to be handed in.

Cubs then were asked to submit their posters on YOG. They were to reproduce the Olympic Rings and highlight what do these rings represent. They were also to find out about the 1st YOG and highlight 5 things that everyone should know about the YOG.

There were many interestingposters submitted. Some posters were big, colourful and very informative while others kept it simple. Great effort and enthusiasm were put in by the majority of the Cubs but all should be commended for their creativeness. If there were a contest for YOG poster that best captures the YOG spirit, Akela would have a difficult time with his choice.

The Sixers and Asst Sixers then laid trials for those cubs taking the Track and Trial tests to follow. The trails were well laid and recognizable, and the track was easy to follow. Some trails were mischievously laid as it brought us round and round the track. However all the Cubs passed the test and there was a queue formed as Cubs eagerly awaited their turn for Raksha (Mrs Koh) and Haathi (Ms Tan Rui Yin) to sign their yellow book (Cub Scout record book).

Two Bronze Arrows and One Silver Arrow badge were then given out by Akela to the delight of the recipients.

Then it was game time. Cubs broke into groups and the whole Kid Zone was transformed into "New York Stock Market Exchange". Everyone was shouting at the top of their voice outdoing his neighbour. We were stop shouting when we hear the Sixers' commands to stop but the commands were drowned by our shouts. Henry Park Pelican Scouts should be sent to YOG to perform the YOG Cheer song.

"O Yeah, O Yeah, O Yeah, Hey

O Yeah, O Yeah, O yeah, Hey

YOU are the ONE Singapore

NOW is the TIME, here we GO, YEAH!

O Yeah, O Yeah, O Yeah, Hey

O Yeah, O Yeah, O yeah, Ho

YOU are the ONE Singapore

NOW is the TIME, here we GO, YEAH!

Beat of the drum (beat of the drum)

Feet on the ground (feet on the ground)

Shout it loud (shout it loud)

Make us all proud (makes us all proud)"

It was soon flag breaking and the usual horse shoe formation followed. The scout meeting ended at 11:00 a.m. Cubs and parents were then invited to the AVA room for a briefing on the trip to Tokyo where Akela gave a slide presentation and briefing on the places of interest that Cubs will be visiting, costs of the trip, transport and accommodation arrangements. Parents and Cubs had concerns and raised questions but these were easily addressed by Akela. HPPS had organized oversea trips for 5 years to date and had the necessary experience and know how. Cubs to Adult ratio is expected at 8:1 and it is intended for Cubs to move in small groups. Bio-Data form were handed out to the Cubs and Parents and Cubs had 1 week to think over if they wish to participate in the trip.

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