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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

First Aider and Cyclist Proficiency Badge - 5th June 2010

[This blog is written by Akela. Uploaded by Baloo from London]
First Aider Badge Training and Test/Cyclist Badge Test, Saturday 5th June 2010

Ten Akela Award aspirants gathered at our school's Music Room for a lesson on First Aid, followed by a test. One of the requirements of the First Aider Badge, a mandatory requirement for the Akela Award is to have a knowledge of Cardio Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR).

To conduct this lesson, we invited Miss Iris Ng, Scout Teacher of Clementi Town Sec School, and a qualified First Aider who brought along two mannequins. Miss Ng explained the steps involved in CPR, followed by a demonstration. As most of the cubs had already learnt about CPR during the last Sixers Training Camp, today's session was more of a revision. There was much laughter and quite a bit of giggling when some cubs had to be the 'casualty' (which everyone wanted to be!), and the first aider had to perform checking of breathing and pulse, blowing air into the mouth, and compressions. To make it interesting, Miss Ng injected humour and exaggerated some actions, to the delight of the cubs.

Other requirements of the badge were also taught, like handling burns and scalds, how to make a patient comforatble and treating wasp bites. Each cub brought a long a personally packed first aid box, which was inspected by Akela.

Finally, all the cubs were tested by Dr Pay Lu Lu (parent of one of the cubs), and to everyone's relief, all passed! It was a morning really well spent.

Congratulations to the following cubs who passed the First Aider Badge test:

Moses Tan
Timothy Ng
Julian Tan
Brenda Wang
Travis Lim
Sean Lee
Rayson Song
Lim Xiu Jie
Alex Cheong

Twelve cubs turned up for the cyclist badge test, fully equipped with their bicycles and safety helmets. One or two of the cubs did not have their own bicycles, and they borrowed one from among those present.

After a short briefing, the cubs had to show their riding skills by doing a circuit round the bus bay, up the steep slope to the exit gate, down again to the entry gate, and stopping and dismounting in front of Akela.

Next was a verbal test on how to maintain a bicycle, how to fill air into the tyres, and safety precautions in general and at night. Most of the cubs were knowledgeable, and well aware of safety , as well as traffic signs. All cubs went home happy, as all of them passed the test.

Congratulations to the following cubs who passed the Cyclist Badge test:

Georgia Yew
Kimberly Song
Lynette Yeo
Kelvin Ng
Kerway Tan
Jeremy Tan
Foo Yung Qi
Alex Cheong
Travis Lim
Jonathan Koong
Rayson Song

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