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Sunday, June 27, 2010

Amazing Eco Home Trail 2010 Saturday 26th June 2010

The main event had finally come! More than 300 Cubs, parents and siblings thronged the school hall in great anticipation of the 5th Amazing Trail, all wondering what the theme for this year was.

Facilitators ready to go

As early as 0730 hours, Leaders and facilitators had gathered in the hall for a briefing by Akela. They were reminded of their role as facilitators, the trail requirements, instructions on scoring and the conduct of the team.

At 0845, Akela welcomed everyone to this family-bonding adventure, and revealed the theme, an Eco Home Trail, and emphasised that the journey was more important than the end result. Of course, we knew too well the goal of the Cubs! To come in first, with the highest points.

Participants soaking up the final instructions

Trail T-shirts were distributed, along with Trail instructions for the teams. There were 15 teams altogether, with 2 from ACS Barker and 1 making their inaugural participation, the Viking Cubs, an open Scout group led by Mr. Eric Lam.

Viking Cubs strategising before the battle
Early bird gets the worm - the first team to start
The largest team of 21 participants

Teams had to travel on foot or public transport (no taxis) to various Home-Fix DIY stores where they would have to perform preset tasks, and complete a crossword puzzle. Points would be awarded for completed tasks and correct crossword puzzle. There were also 3 mandatory Home-Fix DIY stores that teams had to visit to obtain a piece of a picture puzzle. Completing the picture puzzle was mandatory.

At Home Fix DIY Jelita
Victory sign at a store
The Four Musketeers
The next clue is over there!
OK, let's see if we can find Starbucks
The picture puzzle
Now, where is the store located???
I'm bushed! Need a short nap!
One for the album

Using recycled materials, teams had to put together a lamp shade, a photo frame and a pencil holder.

Teams had to complete the whole adventure by 1700 hours, and late arrivals would be penalised. Teams then had time to beautify their items before submitting to the judges at 1800 hours. Items would be auctioned off during the gala dinner and the funds raised would be donated to charity of the Principal, Mr. Ng Teng Joo's choice.

Hurry! We need to report before the deadline
The judges, Bagheera and Baloo inspecting the score sheet

While teams were racing around Singapore, the school hall was set up in preparation for the evening's gala dinner event. Behind the scene were Cynthia Yong, Audrey, June Pang, Jenny Tan, Charmaine Hee and Cheow Sue-Jane seeing to the decorations, table settings and stage. Our sound and video specialist, Tham Yiep Soon, assisted by Lee Yan Qin busied themselves with the sound system and projector.
The Amazing Trail culminated in a grand gala dinner, graced by commissioners from Scout HQ, and the Guest-of-Honour, Mr. Malcolm Tan, Asst. Chief Commissioner, SSA.

The invited guests were:
From SSA From HPPS
Lester Lee Ng Teng Joo (Principal)
Steven Ang Maria Koh (Vice Principal)
Tan Tek Tin Julia Wan (Snr HOD)
Jeffrey Ho Eunice Chua (HOD CCA)
Barry Chua
Andrew Chua
Eric Lam
Jacob Lam
Peh Khon Puay
Caleb Cheah

Baloo was the emcee for the night. He entertained the crowd with 2 songs while waiting for the GOH to arrive.

To the strains of Adijie Yell, our GOH, Asst. Chief Commissioner Malcolm Tan was given a rousing warm welcome, signalling the start of the evening's festivities.

Akela gave a welcome address, while Mr. Tan touched on how each individual had a role to play in conservation. Mr. Tan then threw the yarn, with everyone following suit, creating a web of interconnecting yarn representing the bonds of friendship and brotherhood of Scouts.

While guests tucked into a sumptuous spread, a slide show of the day's trail was screened.

Soon, it was time for games. Baloo had 15 boys and girls on stage to simulate typing on a typewriter, something not many Cubs had ever seen! It was hilarious seeing the vigour and enthusiasm of some, to an interesting music accompaniment. 8 parents were also sporting enough to try their hand typing.

Mr. Ng Teng Joo was invited to give away prizes for the top earners during Job Week.

This was the first time that Viking Cubs had participated. As a token of appreciation, Viking's Senior Sixer presented a souvenir to Pelican Cubs Senior Sixer.

Baloo then put up a magic show, moving a coin from one tin to another without touching the tin. That got loads of laughter from the guests.

The Pelican Cubs Chinese Dancers then took to the stage and presented a very lively Chinese Dance, receiving thunderous applause. It just proves the amount of talent the children have.

It was time to auction off the table lamps, photo frames and a lone pencil holder made by the trail participants. The proceeding was brisk, with several interested parties outbidding each other. Even Cubs were bidding, but their bids couldn't be taken seriously. At the end, we raised almost $500, a feat that surpassed even our most ambitious expectations. The money will be donated to the Needy Children Pocket Money Fund. Well done, parents for the generous bids.

An original masterpiece

Line Dance to the music of Cupid Shuffle was next. Baloo led 14 boys and girls in the simple dance steps.

Akela presented souvenirs to our invited guests, followed by the event all Cubs had been waiting for - the results of the Amazing Trail. Mr. Malcolm Tan gave away the prizes.

In appreciation of the invaluable help rendered during the trail, facilitators were presented with souvenirs. The facilitators were:

Tan Rui Yin Truman Tan
Justin Chua Foong Kheng Munn
Lim Chien Kai Angus Yong
Adrian Zhou Cheang Yi Jun
Benjamin Lu Franklin Chen
Jimmy Liu Gerald Lim
Kelvin Wong Wilson Xu Wei Xuan
Javis Janwar Nicholas Phang
Mdm. Kerina Alfred Ng
Teoh Zhi Chun Jerene Wong
Lim Xin Yun Tan Shijia
Eileen Chen Ng Zhong Yi
Ng Zhong Qin Paul Lin
Dominique Tan Isaac Lu

Our audio and video specialist: Tham Yiep Soon
Asst. Audio/Video Specialist : Lee Yan Qin

To embrace conservation, Baloo announced that all Scout notices will be posted on our blog, and urged everyone to log in. This will help in a small way to save paper and the trees. He introduced our 4 Scribes who were tasked to write the blogs. Baloo also shared that our blog could be easily accessed by Google with the words "pelican scout".

It was time to say 'good night' but not before singing the Scout Hymn.

NB. Photos of the Trail can be viewed using the Photo Album link under Picasa Photo Album.

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