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Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Scout Meeting 17th April 2010

Scout Meeting 17th April 2010

This blog was written by Marcus Choo, one of our new Scribe
Notes in [ ] are inserted by Baloo to better reflect the meeting

Explorer Badge candidates preparing equipment
for a shelter before the start of the meeting

Despite the warning by Akela last week that 30 points will be deducted for the latecomers, there were still quite a few cubs coming in late. Sigh!!

[Kelvin Ng (Koala), Marshal Chong (Kookaburra) and Thiruben (Bilby) were late]

Akela speaking to late comers

After the horseshoe, we fell in Indian file. Senior Sixer Samuel Chin led us in foot drills. We had forgotten most of the commands so when a command was given, everybody turned in different directions! What a sight! Bagheera had to reinforce the meaning of the commands, and if anybody made a mistake the whole pack had to do 5 push-ups. The threat of punishment sure did its trick because everyone became more focused after that! I was certainly very worried that I would be the next “culprit” making the whole pack do push-ups – very stressful! After doing 2 more rounds of pushups, Bagheera was finally satisfied.

[There is still plenty of work to be done in this area!]

Poster of Trail Sign by Bryan James Danker

[Many Cubs were not wearing their uniform properly. Some had their woggles half way down their scarves, some were sloppy while others did not have their caps on. Baloo instructed the Sixers to inspect their Cubs and ensure they were properly attired]

Cubs redoing their scarves

Poster of Places of Interest in Singapore by Evan Lee

Finally it was time to make puppets! We were supposed to make the puppets around a story, so that at least five cubs from each Six could perform later. We were taught how to make the puppets’ faces and mouths with pieces of cardboard cut from the shoe boxes we brought. What an interesting way to make puppets! It was also very “green” as we made our puppets out of old socks and shoe boxes. We were shown a few puppets that were very cute!
[Aunty Cynthia and her sister, Aunty Lyn were on hand to show Cubs how to make puppets, using socks, felt material and "eyes". These 2 ladies were experts in handycraft!]

Aunty Cynthia showing the Cubs a puppet

We formed into our Sixes and for Wallaby, after much discussion, decided on the story of The Three Little Pigs. I had a fun time making my puppet, although getting my fingers glued wasn’t very nice!

Cubs busy with their creation

[While Cubs were busy with their puppet creations, Akela and Baloo had a discussion on getting Cubs involved in our blog. It would be good to have the blog from a Cub's prespective. A search for accomplished writers produced 4 names. Jeremy Tan, Marcus Choo, Brenda Wang and Yuvaleena were selected for their high standard of log entries.
A new position was created to recognise our new Scribes. A special badge will also be commissioned]
Our new Scribes, Jeremy Tan, Marcus Choo, Yuvaleena, Brenda Wang
Puppets made by the Cubs
[Cubs assembled in Indian File for the next part of the programme, puppet play. However, the floor was a mess, and Akela got the Cubs to clear the mess.
It was time to award badges.
Progress Badge
Bronze Arrow: Koh Wee Tee, Jonathan Koong
Silver Arrow: Chan Shawn Kit
Proficiency Badge
Civics: Julian Tan
Sportsman: Kimberly Song, Rayson Song
Scout Log
3rd: Wombat 2
2nd: Echidna
1st: Kangaroo
Wombat 1 and Wallaby did not submit their Scout Logs, and will be penalised 50 points each. This will certainly have a huge impact on their points tally for the Best Six Challenge!
Special Badge
Scribe: Brenda Wang, Jeremy Tan, Marcus Choo, Yuvaleena
We are pleased to announce that Rayson Song, a P6 Cub, was promoted to the rank of Assistant Sixer at this meeting. It is rare for a cub to be promoted at this time, as all promotions are made in July following satisfactory attendance at our Sixers Training Camp in the first weekend of July. This promotion recognises the extraordinary efforts that Rayson has put in to achieve his Gold Arrow Badge within a short period of time, which in the process, demonstrates his personal leadership qualities.
Congratulations Rayson on this promotion, and we wish you success in your pursuit for the Akela's Award]

Soon after, time was up. Each of the Sixes had to go up and act out their puppet show. Most of the speeches were too soft, so I couldn’t hear much. However, I enjoyed looking at some of the interesting puppets, which were very creative
Story of Yogi Bear
The 3 Little Pigs
The Big Bad Wolf

All too soon, the end of the meeting came. We gathered in horseshoe and at the end, we sang the Scout Hymn. All of us forgot the lyrics and were barely whispering the hymn. Baloo said it was like watching a silent movie! I couldn’t help laughing! After the disastrous whispering start, Baloo led us in the Hymn again and this time, we were totally out of timing! Finally, Baloo had to act as the choir conductor the third time round before we manage to complete the Hymn. Guess we all need some choir practice!
[Consent forms for next week's activity, meeting at the Botanical Gardens, were distributed. Forms are to be dropped into the Scout Box by Wednesday, 21st April. Respone is COMPULSORY!]

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