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Saturday, June 30, 2018

Sixers Training Camp 2018, 30June - 2July2018

Written jointly by Bryan Low, Asst Sixer & Scribe and Cheong Yew Chung, Asst Sixer & Scribe

Day 1

“Okay is everyone here?” said Baloo. We had all just gathered for our sixers training camp 2018. We then boarded the bus and started our long journey to terror sea scout’s camp site. After the log journey we all settled down for a while and we started pitching our tents. It was a blast and did some foot drills followed by lunch. So far, we felt it was nice, but we spoke too soon. After Baloo spoke to us about being a leader, we went for a 10KM hike!!!                     

It was really tiring that we almost felt like we were all dead people. But we made it out and fitter than ever. We then had dinner and Mr Cheong went through we us what It means to be a leader. And we soon finished washing up, sixer’s council and our reflection.

Day 2

It all started with us doing morning PT, colour party and us having breakfast. After that we prepared our song for the campfire and some foot drills…

After a delicious lunch prepared by Raksha, we then moved on to do some knots and lashings activity.

Through this activity, we learnt many things on knots and how to tie certain knots. E.g Sheet Bend and Rolling Hitch.

After the Knots activity, we then cooked our own dinner with the ingredients provided which were things like ham, cheese, mushroom, etc. At the end, we had a delicious meal of pasta.
We then prepared our activity a little bit more before we then had the long awaited campfire.

During the campfire, we sang several songs while the campfire burned bright and tall. We also played Limbo and did our song/skit/comedy. Sadly though, we then had to go to the mess hall to continue as it was beginning to rain.

At the mess hall, we did an activity called “Scavenger Hunt” where we were given a list of 5 items and we were to try and find them if we could.

I teamed up with 4 other friends and together, we were able to find the items first and we were able to get the reward - extra supper!

Eventually, the campfire had to come to an end and we then had some refreshments before we went out to change to clothes that could get wet. It was time for our water games.

After we had changed, we then learned the rules of the game before playing it. We had a lot of fun and eventually, my six, Giraffe, won!

Then, we went to bathe and went to sleep.

Day 3

Today, we woke up early at 6.00 a.m. and we went to the toilet to wash up and/or brush our teeth.

After that, we did some morning PT which involved doing some exercises like burpies and russian twists.

Once done with the exercises, we then ate a delicious breakfast which included hard-boiled eggs and ham and cheese sandwiches.

Following our breakfast came the dreaded inspection. We were tasked to lay out all our items on a groundsheet before packing them back. We then decided to follow KaI Fong as he was the duty Senior Sixer for the day. After about 2 tries, we finally succeeded! We then came out of our dorm and sat down to hear Mr. Cheong.

He explained to us the meaning of inspection and told us that the whole point of it was to air our clothings so that they will not smell too bad when we get home.

After inspection, we soon ate our lunch, before proceeding to pack our bags.
Once done with that, we assembled at the courtyard to allow the various prizes to be given out.

Then, we got onto the bus and headed back to school before being promptly dismissed, treasuring the fun and challenging moments we had during the camp.

Through the camp, I learnt various things like how to be a leader, how to light a good fire, etc. I hope that next year, the scouts involved in this camp will also find fun in the hard moments. If I am able to, I also hope to go back as a service scout to help out.

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