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Saturday, May 26, 2018

Cyclist & Skater Proficiency Badge, 26May2018

Written by Bryan Low, Asst Sixer & Scribe

Today, we arrived in school at 9.00 a.m. But, we were each here for our own separate reasons.

Some came with bicycles, some came with rollerblades while others just came with their school uniforms and bags. Yes, today was the test for people who wanted to earn the cyclist or skater badge.

We split into three groups, one for the cyclist test, one for the skater test, and one for the Akela candidates.

The cyclist badge candidates went to the Lower Indoor Sports Hall (ISH) while the skater badge candidates and Akela candidates remained in Kidzone 1.
The cyclist and skater badge candidates then did their test and the names of those who passed were written down, ready to be given the badge on their next meeting.

The Akela candidates spent some time being briefed on their task and what to do during the June holidays. After that, they too were able to take their cyclist/skater test if they wanted too.

After all the tests were finished, while waiting for their parents/guardians to pick them up and go home, some of the other scouts also then tried the equipment brought by the other scouts, seeing if they could possibly take the test too next time.

Our parents/guardians then came and we went happily back home, some of us gaining a new proficiency badge, while other gaining knowledge; of what to do, and what to plan to do.

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