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Saturday, March 24, 2018

Exchange Program with Japanese Scouts, 24th March 2018 (Day)

Written by Trisha Chan, Senior Sixer & Scribe

Today was the day of the exchange program with the Japanese scouts that we met during our trip to Japan the year before. After reporting to Raksha and handing up our Job Week cards. We waited for some cubs and were off. This time, Shafiq, our former Senior-sixer , Kylie and Jasper joined us for this activity. On the bus, we were as noisy as magpies and talking as fast as we could. We were just too excited for what was about to come.

Soon, we were on the road leading to Sarimbum Camp. The road was actually a gravel path and every time a car drove on the road, we saw huge clouds of dust rise up. In a blink of an eye, we were facing the Japanese scouts and introducing ourselves to them. We were split into four groups. I was in group four with Min Rei, Joanne, two boy Japanese scouts and one girl Japanese scout.

Soon after, we were doing Backwoodsmen cooking. We changed to half u. and took off our scarves. There were six AI’s and one Facil assigned to my group. We immediately set to work gathering dry twigs and leaves for our fire. After we were done, we dug a deep hole in the shape of a rough square with a chunkol. After a few tries, we managed to get a merry fire going. We had a lot of fun feeding it the twigs and sticks and poking the fire with big sticks. We were given two seasoned chicken wings and drumsticks along with six packets of chicken flavoured Maggie, three potatoes and half a mess tin of rice. We tried to boil the potatoes in a mess tin full of water. Only two AIs were actually keeping the fire, while one held the chicken. As for the other three AIs? They were ‘collecting twigs and leaves’ and happily throwing the rice into the fire. However, after they found out that the food was their lunch, they started to panic.

Finally!  It was lunch time! We had chicken rice with pickled vegetables and cucumbers. After lunch, the Japanese scouts went off to do rock climbing while we went to do the obstacle course. Alas! We could not do the obstacle course as we were supposed to wear long pants to do it. So, we had free time and played card games instead. However, we were also required to prepare an item for the campfire so we also did that. After much arguing, we decided to do a dance and we danced to ‘Likey’ by Twice and ‘As If It Were Your Last’ by Blackpink. We practised and practised, finally satisfied with our result.

All too soon, it was time for diner. We had a buffet with lemon barley for drinks and ├ęclairs and cream puffs for dessert. After dinner, we exchanged souvenirs and gifts. Then it was time for the campfire. After the campfire, we went back home comparing and trading souvenirs. This experience was very valuable to me and I am unable to describe it in words. I can’t describe how hilarious it was to see group one roasting leaves on a stick over their fire, or how group three’s fire went out of control and the Japanese scouts skit. You have to BE there to experience it. This, is a day that I will never forget.

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