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The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Sunday, January 21, 2018

Recruit Camp 20th to 21st January 2018

Written by: Bryan Low, Asst Sixer & Scribe

Day 1

I came to school today with an extra-large bag packed with many things as I was going to be taking part in the Recruits Induction Camp because I was an assistant sixer.

I walked to the Kidzone very excited as I knew this was going to be a very fun 2 day 1 night camp with the students who were interested to be a scout.

When I reached the Kidzone, I saw that many of friends were already there. Mrs. Kong and Raksha helped to group us into four different groups with animal names; Ants, Bees, Crabs and Ducks.

After we were grouped, there was a duty sixer and an assistant sixer in each group, except Ants, they had two assistant sixers. We were told to lead our groups to go and find a good spot in the Kidzone to sit down. Then, we were to introduce ourselves and know each other. It was a very fun experience, getting to know the people in my group, some were talkative, while others were shy and quiet.

Then, we played a game where we had to sit in a circle, then call out a person’s name whenever our name was called by someone else. There would also be two catchers, which would have to go around and find the person whose name was called out, and then gently tap him or her on the shoulder. Then, the catcher would sit down, while the person caught would have to be the new catcher.

We had a lot of fun, as the catchers ran around looking for the person whose name was called out while the person struggled to remember someone else’s name.

Then came the cooking! We brought our groups to the drain area, then we started cooking our noodles with the supervision of the service scouts. When we finished cooking, we brought our food to the canteen, taught our group members how to sing the tick tock song, then we began eating. Once finished, we washed our mess tins and cutleries.

Then, we went back to the Kidzone where Baloo taught us several facts about Lord Baden Powell like his full name, date of birth etc. Once we learned some facts, we were tested to see whether we were listening to the lesson.

We were then taught some songs to sing for the campfire, then we went to have a good dinner.

Next, we went for our campfire! We first sat down in our groups, then we waited for the other uniform groups to come. In the end, the Brownies and Girls Brigades came and took their respective positions. Then, we started our campfire.

We first started by singing some songs known to us but just known to the recruits. We then played some games including the common limbo. It was all very fun and exciting. Even the principal, Mr.Koh, was at the campfire watching us. We also played bomb, which was very fun to us and the other uniformed groups.

After the campfire, we went to the canteen to have some refreshments, and give some time to the recruits to talk with their parents again. Refreshments were very nice.

We then gathered in the Kidzone with our groups, and Chil told us that we were going to play some water games!!! But, we first had to take all the benches from the Kidzone and bring them back to the canteen. Once we were done, we took our bathing materials and changed into our slippers, then we went to the Lower Indoor Sports Hall to play our water games.

There were 5 candles lit on both sides of the basketball court, then 2 teams had to battle and whichever team manages to use their water balloons to put out all of them first wins.

We played it in tournament style. Ant battled Bees, Crab battled Ducks. The winners battle for 1st while the losers battle for 3rd. Bees beat Ants, Ducks beat Crabs and Ducks beat Bees. At the end, the Bees and Ducks battled against the service scouts, it was so fun!

We next gathered our things and went to bathe next. After bathing, we laid out our sleeping bags in the Kidzone and had a good night’s rest.

Day 2
We woke up today at 6.15 am and then went to brush our teeth and change out of our sleeping attire.

We then went to the Lower Indoor Sports Hall to start off the day with some exercise. It was very tiring but also very fun.

We then went to the canteen to eat our breakfast, it was delicious! We then brought our group to the Kidzone to teach our recruits about the scout law and promise.

We then played some games organized by the Akela Award candidate which was very fun.

After that, we had a debrief and then Mr. Cheong did his “Pasar Malam” and the owners went to collect their things. We then took a photo, then went home, cherishing the moments with our new recruits.

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