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Saturday, February 10, 2018

Community Service - Visit AWWA Community Home For Senior Citizens, 10th February 2018

Written by Syed Hafiz, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

There was no whistle blowing or horseshoe as we were going out. We gathered at the bus bay in our sixes. Trisha and I read out the names of the cubs who handed out the forms. Then, we did a headcount before boarding the bus. There were two separate busses as there were too many cubs. Once we got of the bus, we walked to the old folks’ home. We were at AWWA Community Home for Senior Citizens, which provide the basic necessities of life and accommodation for low income seniors without family support. There were 70-80 residents which are over 60 years old and homeless. This visit was part of our community service.

We were there to brighten their day. When we walked into a room, they were waiting patiently in their chairs. The first activity we did was walking to each and every one of them and wishing them a happy Chinese New Year. After that, we danced to a very famous and old song, YMCA. They all seemed to know how to sing and dance to the song. After the dance, we taught the elders how to fold red packets into lanterns. The woman whom I was making the lantern with, was very happy with the lantern we made. We sang Chinese New Year songs and ended the visit by giving 2 oranges to each elderly. We left the home happy that we have done a good deed.

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