Scouting, also known as the Scout Movement, is a worldwide youth movement with the stated aim of supporting young people in their physical, mental and spiritual development, through the Scout Method, that they may play constructive roles in society.

Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


The Pelican Scouts mission is to provide a safe, fun and exciting programme, based on the Jungle Book, for young children to become responsible and considerate individuals through the Scout Promise and Law.

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Knots, 24th September 2016

“Horseshoe!” the senior sixers shouted. We gathered into the horseshoe formation and did colour party. After colour party, we sat down in the Indian file formation, while Mdm Kerina gave out progress and arrow badges.

When all the badges were given out, we gathered in a circle with our six to mark out who had not got their silver or bronze arrow, and how many tasks they had to complete if they had not.

Next, we learnt how to do square lashing. After everybody had got the hang of it, we had a competition. For the competition, we had to use square lashing to tie four short, wooden poles together. To win the competition, our square lashing had to be strong and stable, and would not come undone when it was pushed or pulled by force.

We were given thirty minutes to tying our poles together. Time really flew as we rushed to meet the deadline and to make sure our knot and methods of tying it was right.

All too soon, we had to stop what we were doing, commence sunset party, hold sixers council, and go home.

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