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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Outdoor Cooking, 13th August 2016

Written by: Trisha Chan, Sixer & Scribe

“Horseshoe!”  The senior sixers hollered. After we assembled in Horseshoe formation, we did color party and observed one minute of silence. Then we found ourselves sitting on the floor in Indian file, looking up at Raksha.

Last week, Raksha told us to bring our mess tins for next week’s activity, which was outdoor cooking! Now she asked us to move our bags to Kidzone 2, and take out our mess tins. At Kidzone 2, each six was assigned a spot to cook, and we also found out that we were going to cook a burger!

Next, the sixers went forward to collect solid fuel and portable stoves. Every scout got three pieces of solid fuel and a portable stove to cook with.
First, we put a piece of solid fuel on the portable stove. Then, we lit a match, and we put it on the solid fuel to burn it. When that was done, we put our 
mess tins on the cooker, and cracked an egg in our mess tins.

Some scouts preferred scrambled eggs to sunny-side up eggs, while others liked it the other way around. So, we did our eggs the way we wanted to. 

Next, we fried our fish filets. To fry them, we poured oil into our mess tins. Then we put the fish filets in our mess tins to be cooked.

Soon, we were done cooking our food. So we cleaned up our cooking area and went to the canteen to put our food on the tables.

The next step we did was to eat! We were each given a bun to put our food in. We could also add Tar-Tar sauce to our burger! The burger was delicious! When we were done eating, we did the sunset party and went home.

Cooking fun...
An attempt to light the solid fuel
Ex-Senior Sixers back to help
Assembling the burger
The girls are ready!
The boys are ready to try the burger too 
Smile :)
Can we eat now?
A picture with Raksha!

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