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Saturday, January 23, 2016

Chinese New Year Craft, 23rd Jan 2016

Written by: Sarah Njauw, Sixer & Scribe

“Beep! Beep! Horseshoe!” The Senior Sixer blew the whistle as the scouts (and recruits), quickly lined up into the Horseshoe formation as the recruits lined up behind the scouts.

Today, I was very excited about this week’s meeting, because,today we are going to do an activity: lantern making! We were told to bring red packets, tassels staplers and small decorations. Before the activity started, the recruits were assigned to their six (but it is not permanent.) , and we sat in a circle to get to know each other better, like introducing themselves, and sharing experiences and opinions. At last, we started making the lanterns. We had to fold the lantern into a “diamond” shape. Then make one more and staple both together. The instructions may sound simple, but it was quite tedious and it takes a lot of time. I’m not a person who could to do crafts nicely and neatly, especially when it comes to folding paper. After minutes of hard work, we finally finished making the two lanterns. Some of us bought small decorations to decorate the lantern to make it look more grand and nicer with our creativity. Some of the materials that were brought were: decorative flowers, leaves, markers, Etc. Finishing our lantern was one thing to do, but we were also given instructions from the sixer to clear our after completing the lanterns.

We took a while to clean up the place, and after a while the area was clean.

Today, we learnt to make lanterns, and I hope to make some at home to with my parents for Chinese New Year decorations! I am looking forward to the next meeting­­­­ the recruit’s

2016, first flag break.
We are honoured to have Chief Commissioner with us today

Sixers listening attentively to the instructions

Working together... Helping a  recruit

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