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Saturday, September 19, 2015

Secret Code, 19th September 2015

Written by: Jessica Koong, Sixer & Scribe Leader

“ Cubs, today we will be doing… SECRET CODES! ” Mdm Kerina exclaimed. One could tell that the atmosphere in the room immediately shot up. “ We will be doing 3 codes today! ” There was a roar of excitement from the cubs and everyone started discussing what codes there might be.

After we had received instructions on the activity, we immediately broke up into our sixes. Each group was given three sheets of paper. These sheets contained explanations on the International Morse code, gibberish code and alphabet code, a word search and three secret messages to decipher. My six, Wallaby, had an amazing time trying to decipher all three codes. Working together enthusiastically, we figured out the messages and completed the word search in no time! The word search contained 14 words from the Scout Promise. I am very sure that all the other sixes had a fun time, too.

The next activity was more challenging and mysterious. Each six had to create three secret messages using the three different codes. We then exchanged our creations with another six. My six partnered Kangaroo. Our secret messages for Kangaroo were: “Yew Ming is not doing the blog this week.” in Morse code and “Guess where the 23rd World Scout Jamboree was held?” in gibberish code. Unfortunately, we could not decipher Kangaroo’s messages because there were tons of spelling errors and the alphabet message had a mix of actual and encrypted letters! There were so many mistakes, the messages did not make any sense!

Mdm Kerina then called us back into Indian file to share the messages we had created and decoded. She even let us try 2 Morse codes by listening to a recording on her laptop. It was extremely difficult to concentrate and try to differentiate the sounds. The messages were “Listen Attentively” and “Be Prepared”.

All in all, all the cubs had a spectacular time and I cannot wait for the next activity which would be as exciting!

Listening attentively...

One of the task...

Solving the secret code...

Another task...

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