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Saturday, August 1, 2015

Pioneering Part 1, 1st August 2015

Written by: Chong Min Wenn, Senior Sixer & Scribe

This meeting was very interesting. We learnt how to tie different types of knots and learnt a new song. Mr Tan, the chief commissioner, was here to teach us. We were expected to learn all the knots that were taught and hopefully sign off the ‘knotting’ assignment that we had to do for our silver and gold arrow.

Firstly, we were given a stick and a few meters of string each. After so, we were thought the thumb knot. We all knew how to do it was we had to tie a thumb knot on the left side of our scarfs to remind us to do a good deed. We did it with ease had no problems.

Secondly, was the reef knot.  We had to tie it left over right, right over left. Commotions began as people were confused and thought that it was the opposite. Eventually, everybody was successful.
Thirdly, was the clove hitch. Mr Tan said that it was commonly used in lashing. Those who went for the sixer’s training camp did it with ease and started helping the others.

Fourthly, was the one round two half  hitch. We were all confused as to what kind of knot it was and how it could be used. Mr Tan explained that it could be used for setting up tents. When Mr Tan tied it, we did not have a single clue on how it was tied. Some of us started to examine the knot and were able to tie it.

Fifthly, was the figure of eight knot. This was an easy one and we all learnt it very quickly.
Lastly, was the sheet knot. It was as confusing as the one round two half hitch. As it was hard, only several of us were successful.

Before ending the meeting, we sang a song called ‘I met a bear’. It was a very interesting and catchy song. It was about a scout who met a bear, and because she sized up to it, it got angry and cased her. She was able to escape.

This meeting was a very fun and educational one and we hope to have more of these kinds of meetings.

Thank you, Mr Tan for teaching us..

Learning diligently..

Trying it out...

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