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Saturday, March 7, 2015

Job Week Briefing & Role Play, 7th March 2015

Written by: Claudia Kong (Senior Sixer & Scribe)

After the usual horse-shoe formalities, The adult leaders conducted a detailed briefing for the job week. Some basic to-do were highlighted to the cubs. Chil also reminded us of what we should bring along when we go out for job week. I can sense the excitements in most cubs although some of the new cubs displayed anxiety. During the questions and answers session, many cubs raised very good questions. I am thankful for our adult leaders as they make great effort to clear our doubts. And pairing us up for job week is a great idea.

After the detailed briefing, for the benefit of all the new cubs that join us this year,  the senior sixers and sixers put together a few skits showing some dos and don'ts while going about our job week. In the skits we also learn how to handle some unique tricky situations. The adult leaders and teachers then issued each of us with 2 job week cards and some little pocket calendars.

Before we ended today's meeting, Mr Ho led us in some games. Instead of the usual game time, he allowed us to choose what we like to play. Most of the boys head to the soccer field (frankly, I have never seen so many boys in one soccer field), some of us stayed back in  kids zone to play ""Amoeba" while the rest went to the basketball court for a game of basketball and catching.

Time flies when we are having good time. The sound of the senior sixer's whistles signal the end of today's scout meeting

Another awesome time. Looking forward to job week 2015.

Role Play of Job Week by Sixers 

Briefing on Job Week by Mr Ho

Some basic drill discipline

Mr Ho teaching cubs how to keep in line

Game time

An over crowded soccer field!

So many boys chasing a soccer ball!!

Basketball time..

Let's create our very own obstacle cross..

Horse-shoe symbolized the end of another scout meeting

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