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Saturday, October 11, 2014

Night Hike & Kite Flying, 11th October 2014

Written by: Janice Koong, Assistant Senior Sixer 2013-2014 and Guest Scribe

“Call Indian File and take attendance,” Raksha instructed Claudia and Evangel, the Senior Sixers.

Within minutes, Indian File was formed, attendance was taken and Chil was ready to brief us on the 2nd last activity of the year, our night hike.

Although the consent form said that we would be hiking from Tanjong Rhu to Marina Barrage, Chil explained that the hike had to be shortened due to the haze. He also explained the various safety precuations and soon we filled two buses, heading to Marina Barrage.

After a long ride, we finally reached Marina Barrage. We were greeted by a huge group of people, as there was an event going on. We quickly got into Indian File next to the carpark and waited for further instructions. Chil told us that we would spend the next half an hour or so colouring our kites and after that fly them. The cubs seemed rather enthusiatic and in no time everybdy’s kites were coloured really beautifully. Some of them were trying to fly their kites on the grass patch near where we were but to no avail. Once everybody was ready to move up to fly their kite, the adult leaders led us up six by six.

Up at the barrage, there were children flying kites and families having picnics. Everyone there was definitely having a marvellous time.

Very soon, our cubs joined in the crowd and many were seen trying to get their kite going. Some just had no luck with flying kites and did not manage to get their kite up. Nevertheless, they did not give up and tried again and again. A small number managed to get their kites up pretty fast.
Everyone started to get hungry and began whipping out their snacks to eat. Sushi, oreo, chicken nuggets, seaweed and many others. Some even speacially packed ice boxes to keep their drinks cold!

At about 6:30pm, Chil came around and told us to meet at the ground floor by 7pm, as we would start hiking then. We began hiking from Marina Barrage to Kallang, about 5.4km. Along the way, the path was rather dark so we took extra care to stay as a group. Sometimes we had to stay in single file as the path was too narrow and sometimes we had to keep to the right as there were cyclists using the path too.

Along the way, at about the 2.5km mark, we stopped for a short break. Soon, we were again on our trail and heading towards the Sports Hub, where we would take a group photo then heading towards where the bus would pick us up.

Within 20mins, we were in school and the cubs were all exausted. Chil did a short debrief and the cubs followed their parents home to shower and rest.

** Stay tune... pictures will be uploaded soon.. **

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