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Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


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Saturday, February 22, 2014

Annual Hike, 22nd February 2014

Written by: Janice Koong, Assistant Senior Sixer & Scribe

I was really excited as it was time for our annual hike. This time it was at MacRitchie. Even though we had been there many times, changes to the route have been made and there were definitely more things to discover.

My sisters and I arrived in school at 7am, 15mins early. It’s always good to be early. It felt different as we would usually go at 9am. The sky was darker and it was relatively colder. We conversed till 7:15am and soon the whistle blew.

We quickly assembled in Indian File and waited for further instructions. Chil took our attendance and briefed us on the hike. Soon, we boarded 3 buses and headed off to MacRitchie. Our adventure was about to begin!

After a long journey, we finally reached our destination. As there were many other people there, Raksha reminded us to keep our volume down. Sensing our excitement, Raksha quickly allowed us to set off, one six at a time.

I joined the Wombats. We had lots of fun during the hike, laughing and making jokes. We also waved and greeted random people. Some cubs were getting tired, so we sang songs hoping to keep the spirit up.

At 11am, we all met once again at our starting place. Time for snacks! There was so much junk food, I wondered how the cubs squeezed them into their bags. However, the main point was for them to enjoy it, anyway. But… I think… that was not what they were really looking forward to. Perhaps, it was the…


In the morning, the sixers had to each bring along a piece of cardboard that was flat enough to be sat on. In MacRitchie, there was a slope at an angle, high enough to slide down. The cubs were instructed to take a piece of cardboard. Then they would climb up the slope. Once they were up there, they were free to slide down at whatever time they wanted.

Soon, the buses had arrived and it was time to leave. Raksha called the cubs back and asked them to assemble in Indian File. We boarded the bus and headed back to school.

When we were back in school, Raksha gave out the log books and dismissed us. It was surely a fun-filled day.

Let the hike begins...
Hiking we will go... Hiking will go.. 
Conquering an obstacle - fallen tree
Can we do it? Yes we can :) 
How to clear this?? Hmm...
Girls power!!!
One for the album!
Picnic time...
Look at this! A picnic or a party??
What a beautiful day :)

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Me and my group Echidna saw a monitor lizard that day

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