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Saturday, March 23, 2013

Ulu Pandan Community Day, 23rd March 2013

Written by: Claudia Kong, Assistant Sixer and Scribe

Since it is still March holiday, we do not have our usual scout meeting.

Together with some sixers and assistant sixers, I was privileged to help out at the Ulu Pandan Community Day. We were there to form the guard of honor to welcome the guest of honor, Mr Christopher de Souza and to usher visitors in the carnival.

When we arrived at the carnival, we were greeted by a heavy downpour. However, that did not dampen our spirit. In fact, I think we added life to the carnival. We did what we could to help around. Some of us provided umbrella service to shelter visitors from one part of the carnival to the other. Others of us were encouraged to mingle around to make new friends. To our pleasant surprise, we met an American Girl Scout there. She is very passionate about scouting, she showed us her vest full of badges and we exchanged our scouting experience.

Thankfully the rain stopped after an hour.

There were many memorable experiences for us that day. Personally, it had to be the moment we were welcoming Mr Christopher de Souza. As he was walking down the row of saluting cubs, he suddenly stopped in front of me and started talking to me!

In my opinion, the most memorable moment for the girls must be when we worked together to regulate the crowd of children at the bouncing castle. And to the boys it must be the endless play at the Combat Skirmish as they were needed to make up the numbers to enable the visitors to combat.

I am sure all 14 of us present at the community service event will agree that we had an awesome time helping others and playing. We were also very thankful to the generous organizer who allowed all 14 of us to eat and play everything for free. It’s one of my best carnivals ever and I looked forward to serving at another community service event.

Ming Min providing shelter service to a visitor .

American Girl Scout showing our cubs her badges.

Look at these smart salute!

Mr. Christopher de Souza stop to say Hi.

The boys enjoying a game of Combat Skirmish

Ensuring safety at the bounching castle

A group picture with the guest of honour!

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