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Sunday, October 21, 2012

P6s - Air Rifle Shoot, 20th October 2012

Written by Eugene Lim, Sixer 2011-2012 and Guest Scribe

It was yet another awesome day. The P6 scouts were going air rifle shooting at Nanyang Technological University. For some it was their first time in the range.

We were greeted warmly by the NTU Shooting Team members when we arrived at the range. It was my first time shooting and all the equipment in the range were unfamiliar to me. We were first given lessons by the student instructors about the safety and the proper use of the weapons, then we were allowed to shoot them (I mean the weapons, not the instructors). We were split into 4 teams (a,b,c,d). After all the groups were done, we all participated in a shooting competition. There were various competitions for everyone and the objective was to score as many points as possible. After I was done, Akela asked Brendon,  Jeremy and myself to get some snacks and drinks for the P6. After we came back with the food everyone rushed for the chips and in a matter of time, it was all gone! The winner of the shooting competition was team c followed by b ,a and d. We then went to school for dismissal and lunch.
Briefing before the shooting

I'm special - I use a pistol!

What has mathematical equations got to do with shooting?

Getting ready for the shooting competition

One of the target scorecards for the competition

The Pelican Shooting Team

Wea re the Champion Shooters!

We are 2nd!

We are 3rd!

We got a prize as well!

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