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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Amazing Balanced Lifestyle Trail

The much-awaited greatest event of the year is here again. This year, our 7th Amazing Trail is themed The Amazing Balanced Lifestyle Trail.

As early as 7.30am, facilitators were briefed on the trail rules and regulations. This year, we have facilitators from HSBC (who had a great time last year) as well as CPG, a civil engineering company, courtesy of Kaa (Jimmy Liu). And our completely dependable team of helpers and facilitators who have been our unsung heroes all these years, our ex-Pelicans and ex-Bukit Panjang Scouts.

Participants started streaming in from 8.30am and Akela finally began the trail briefing at 9.00am. His succint  message was that it was more important to complete rather than compete. And above all, everyone should have fun and spend a great day bonding with their family.

This year, McDonald's Singapore has kindly sponsored snacks and sundaes, and consented to our teams using their outlets as checkpoints. Thank you, McDonald's.

Mrs Lynn Tan was also instrumental for the sponsorship of roller ball pens, erasers and magic pencils by Staedtler. Thank you, Lynn, for always providing our Cubs with great stationery. This year, Cubs had a special treat when gummy bear candies were airflown just for the event.

Akela briefing the facilitators
Facilitators at the early morning briefing
Akela briefing the facilitators
Facilitators at the early morning briefing

The team of Facilitators

The team of Facilitators

Cubs and parents at the briefing

At the briefing

At the briefing

At the briefing

At the briefing

The first team to strategise

A good strategy is the essence to win!

Hmm...any clues to the clues???

Cynthia Yong, the woman behind all the decor and props

Setting out the game plan

It's all about stategy

Commemorative comic strip specially commissioned by Mrs June Phang, parent of ex-Pelican 

While teams descended on Singapore in search of McDonald's outlets, the school hall was transformed from a bare hall into a grand gala dinner venue. Boy! Setting up tables and laying out chairs is hard work!!!

Cynthia and her helpers busied themselves with the table decorations and souvenir gifts.

Teams had to locate MacDonalds outlets by following clues provided by the facilitators. At the venue, teams had to execute certain tasks, like getting strangers to run 25 metres, or do a dance. There was also an outlet near a haunted park, with wind-chimes keeping spirits at bay! Creeeepy!!!!

It was a hot, humid day, nd the weather drained everyone.

We understand that ridership on the SMRT and buses spiked on 19th May 2012, and the authorities are investigating the unusual traffic on public transport!

Teams had to return by 5 pm or incur a late arrival penalty.

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