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Saturday, July 9, 2011

Handover Ceremony

Handover Ceremony
9th July 2011
By Scribe Brandon Khaw

I woke up to an exciting day on July 9 as it is the day we would know who would be the new batch of cub leaders. The P6 cubs were stepping down to concentrate on their coming PSLE examinations.

However, I had to wait till about 12.00 pm to join the scout meeting as all P5 cubs had to attend a PSLE briefing led by Mrs. Maria Koh and the HODs of English, Mathematics, Science and Mother Tongue. It is interesting session for the parents but less for kids like us. Together with my P5 scouts, we could not wait for the briefing to end.

We all rushed out of the school hall once the session was over. It was more fun to be at the Kid zone than the school hall which seemed to last like eternity! Before the handover ceremony began, Akela was giving out some proficiency badges and progress badges to cubs that have attained them. I eagerly wait to receive my Gold Arrow Badge but unfortunately Akela did not have enough to distribute that day. It was disappointing but it is fine as I would get it at the next meeting. I need to be patient.

At last, it is time for the big event of the day – the handover ceremony. Akela started by giving out certificate of appointment and badge to the Assistant Sixers, Sixers and then Senior Sixers. The atmosphere was full of loud claps and cheers for fellow cubs. Parents who were there were busy taking photograph of the new appointees. I am sure they must be very proud of their children. I was filled with elation and maybe a tinge of pride when Akela called my name. I am now an Assistant Sixer and shall take my responsibility seriously. I have survived the recent Sixer Training Camp. Hippee !! What an achievement. Upon reflection, if I had gone for the training last year, would I be a Sixer today? Hmmm…..perhaps I could be…..but never mind, I am still happy. It never too late to aim for it.

The handover ceremony was indeed a happy and sad moment for everyone. The new Sixers and Assistant Sixers had to stand on one side of the Kid zone. The current Sixers would then lead their respective pack from the other end of the Kid zone and handover the flags and the packs to the new Sixers. This signifies the handover of responsibilities to the new leaders with, of course, a word of wisdom of from the exiting Sixers. It was supposed to be a solemn ceremony with a lot of picture taking by proud parents but being kids, we cannot keep still and stop talking.

After that, came the fun tradition of carrying the P6’s cubs over to join us. Some were light weight and easy to carry but there were a few “giants” which needed the strength of Akela and adult leaders to help us. Nevertheless, we had a lot of fun.

We ended the day with horseshoe and await our next week trip to Labrador Park where we will be having games and picnic at the park. I bet it is going to be fun and I cannot wait for next Saturday to arrive.

See you then…

Note : Before the Handover Cermony, the cubs played games conducted by ex Pelican cubs, Darrell and Hao Wei, and by Akela.

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