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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Athlete Proficiency Badge Test

Athlete Proficiency Badge Test
14 May 2011
By Pelican Scribe Marcus Choo

Every one of the cubs looked very relaxed at this meeting because SA1 was just over! Yeah! After a break last week due to exams and Polling day, we were finally back at Scout meeting!
Today’s meeting started off with Baloo teaching us a new song, and after that Akela briefed us on today’s Athlete Badge test. We were tested on four of the eight components of the test -50m sprint, Sergeant Jump, Shuttle run 6x10m and throwing a cricket ball. We were given a record slip to record the amount of points gained. We were then split into 4 groups to be tested. I didn’t take a slip as I had already got my Gold Athlete Badge last year! Yeah !
The first station for my Six was the 50m sprint. We were running on the school field. At the wave of the flag, everybody dashed off to the finish line! I got there in 10 seconds – not too bad considering the lack of practice due to all the recent exams “mugging”!
The next station was Throwing a Cricket Ball. Sadly, it started to pour halfway through the activity, thus only a few people managed to complete the activity.
After waiting around for a bit for the other groups to finish, the next station was the Sergeant’s Jump. We had to first mark a line at our height on the wall with a piece of chalk, and then jump as high as possible. The tester would then measure the difference in the first line and the highest line.  I was helping Akela record the scores of the Cubs being tested. It was quite interesting to see each cub trying their best to jump as high as they can!
Lastly was the 6´100 shuttle run. It was quite tiring running back and forth, but I tried my best!
I think this is a very good opportunity to earn a new badge, and also good training for the coming NAPFA test next week! Hope I’ll get a Gold for my NAPFA test too!
          This will be one of the last few meetings for the P6s before we “retire” to prepare for PSLE…sad!  Next week we will be having a briefing for the annual Amazing XX Trail and thereafter, we will have another long break for the June holidays.
          So till the next time, ADIOS!

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