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Scout method, a program of informal learning with an emphasis on practical outdoor activities, including camping, woodcraft, aquatics, hiking, backpacking, and sports.


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Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Scout Meeting 22nd May 2010

[This blog was written by Marcus Choo, one of our scribes]

Scout Meeting 22 May 2010

After a 3 week break from Scout meeting so that we could prepare and sit for the stressful SA1 exams (not to mention the dreadful week of getting back our results), I was really happy to be back at our Scout meeting!

During horseshoe, color party was done by Brenda. After horseshoe, we fell into Indian File and Akela gave out some badges.

After that, Akela announced that the annual Donation Draw was during the June holidays and briefly explained to the new scouts how to go about selling the Donation Draw tickets. Thereafter, each cub was given 10 Donation Draw booklets to sell. Donation Draw is an important fund raiser for the Scouts and the money raised will go towards all our exciting programs like the annual Amazing Race, camps, treasure hunts and hikes etc. Therefore, I think all of us cubs should try our very best to sell all of our allotted 10 booklets of tickets or more!

Finally it was games time! Akela explained the rules of the first game to us. We were supposed to be split into 2 groups, face each other and drag cubs from the other group across. At the end of a time limit, the group with the most people wins. I was in Team 2 and when the game started, I managed to pull many people across to my side, while using all my might to not to get pulled across! I had to be quite careful not to hurt my fellow cubs, especially the younger ones, while pulling them across! After 3 matches, Team 2 had the most people and won! It was a simple yet very fun game and I was happy that all of us played fair and had fun at the same time.

We then adjourned to the indoor sports hall for the second game, so that the ex-scouts (who came back to help – how nice!) could set up chairs for the Amazing XXX Trail Briefing later. Before we moved to the indoor sports hall, we changed into half uniform. Team 1 had to wear their scarves while Team 2 didn't need to. I was very lucky to be in Team 2 because the weather was blazing hot and the scarf would have made it worse! For the second game, Team 1 members stood on a few lines of the basketball court. They were supposed to block members of Team 2 from getting across by touching them. For Team 2, we were supposed to get past Team 1's defenses to get to the other side of the court. After the first game, Team 1 and Team 2 switched places. We had to be quick on our feet and also try to distract the "line guards" so that we could slip through. I did not manage to get all the way to the end, but still, I had a whale of a time trying!

When we returned to the Kids Zone, some parents had already arrived for the Amazing XXX Trail briefing. Counters were also set up for the parents to sign up and make payment for the Amazing Trail. The pack was split into half and each half sat on either side of the chairs. How I wish the briefing was held in the hall or the AVA room which had air-conditioning! After all the running around, I was practically drenched in perspiration. The briefing started shortly. Poor Akela didn't have the use of a slide projector at the Kids Zone and so had to hold up hard copies of the slides for the parents to see. I couldn't see the slides Akela was holding up so I'm glad I'm an "experienced" Amazing Racer, having participated for the last 2 years, so I knew the rules of the Trail pretty well. Akela shared with the parents that one of key objectives of the Trail was family bonding and that only public transport (except taxi) is allowed. He also gently reminded the parents that they should only offer guidance to the cubs but should not take over to direct the Trail for the cubs. The Sixer and Assistant Sixers should be given the opportunity to make decisions and lead the team independently during the Trail. Akela also had to stop his briefing a couple of times to "maintain order" as the pack was getting restless and started talking!

After the briefing the Sixers and Assistant Sixers helped to bring all the chairs back and thereafter, we headed home. There will be no scout meetings during the June holidays and the next time we meet will be for the Amazing XXX Trail on 26 June 2010. I can't wait for the day to come as I'm sure the Amazing XXX Race will be one of the highlights of my June holidays.

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